ANNIE NOLAN: 'My six-year-old ordered UberEATS to our door without me even knowing.'

Most parents would expect that, at the very least, until their child turns 10, they can outsmart them.

Parents can promise that ‘we’re nearly there’, when there’s still another hour left in the road trip.

The teddy bear that sings will have mysteriously lost it’s singing voice after the batteries were thrown in the bin halfway through the night.

And, oops, you accidentally passed the exit for McDonald’s, but we’ll definitely go there next time.

Unfortunately, for Annie Nolan, her son is only six and already worked out McDonald’s for himself.

Co-hosting this week’s bonus episode of This Glorious Mess, the mother of three admitted she had definitely “failed” this week of parenting.

Listen to Annie tell the story of her son, well…got McDonald’s delivered to the door. (Post continues after audio.)

“I have failed and I try to keep positive about things but I am very confronted about the fact my son is so tech-savvy,” she said.

While her mother-in-law was over, she received a phone call from a strange man and he was standing at her front door.

“He had an UberEATS order. I said, ‘I think you’ve got the wrong house’ and he said, ‘No, definitely for your house.'”

“So, I took it in and it had my name on it and I was so confused – how could I pocket dial UberEats? I had my phone in my hand.

“Then, I looked over and my son was crouching down near the door, ready to open the door…”


Instead of trying to deny it, Annie’s six-year-old son, Malacky, immediately came up with one of the best excuses.

“I’m vegan and the funniest part is, he ordered chips from McDonald’s and then he goes to me, ‘Mum, they’re vegan’.

“Mate, you’re not getting away with it trying to appeal to my veganism.”

The real question is, though, if Annie had her phone in her hand the entire time, how in the world did Malacky manage to order UberEATS?

Excellent question.


And, boy, is this kid smart.

“He went into my room and found my old phone, charged it, remembered the number [pin code],” which even Annie couldn’t remember.

Again, because Malacky seems to be like a child detective, he simply said, ‘Mum, it’s our birth dates.’

“So, he managed to get into the app, read it, follow all the steps.”

The only part of his plan that was slightly spoiled was, you know, actually getting the food.

On the bright side, we sure hope this kid puts his tech skills to good use and becomes the next Zuckerberg.

You can listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess, with Annie, here. 

Annie is also an ambassador for Pram Jam to raise money and awareness for premature and stillborn babies and research. You can donate, here.