Zoe Marshall writes: 'I asked my friends to get my son a baby leash for his birthday.'

Organising a party for my son Fox was simple. Wrangling questions around what Fox wanted for a present was a headache.

The kid needs nothing. He has so many toys, clothes, and things so all his needs are met. One more toy was going to tip me over the edge.

So for the people who insisted on buying gifts, I told them to donate to a children’s charity either here or overseas.

There was just one exception. A friend asked me very early on what Fox needed and I cheekily asked for something for myself, I said all I wanted/needed was a baby leash.

Listen to Zoe Marshall explain to Sean Szeps why a baby leash is very necessary on The Baby Bubble. 

Yes, you are reading this correctly. I told two friends I wanted a baby leash just in case one friend fell through with the goods.

Fox is almost walking which brings about a million new challenges.

I remember going to Disneyland when I was 14 and there were lots of toddlers on leashes and I thought it was brilliant!

The kids that weren’t leashed were running their parents ragged, they were bolting so fast they were being lost in a sea of people. I could see the fear in their parent’s faces. It was pure panic.

Yes, I may have a little trauma after being lost in a Target store when I was four and maybe this is slowly raising its head and its time for me to book in for a therapy session (so I will not project my fears onto my children God willing) even though hypocritically this article continues.

It stuck with me, both my own trauma and the kids at Disneyland.

Whether I have a bolter or not, if I am in a shopping center or a theme park, I will attach him to me. I actually think it shows more freedom.

It’s a super cute monkey back pack from Skip Hop (because I know you are all going to ask which one I got) that he can pop his soft toys in and then be attached to me. He can roam and lead me wherever he wants to go – he is just tethered to me.

child leash backpack Zoe Marshall
He'll be significantly less adorable when he's running away from me while we're in public. Image: Instagram.

I know we all judge the kids that are leashed as if they’re little out of control maniacs. But aren’t all toddlers? Aren’t the sane parents tethering?

Yes okay you can say it’s my OCD/control freakiness coming out. In fact, I would love to tether him to me for life. I am that mum.

Lucky I have a husband who thinks this is absurd as I’m sure many of you will. So Fox will have a great balance of bolting, getting lost and being tethered to his mum.

My husband Benji believes that the leash stunts his freedom and exploration of the world, stopping him from exploring what is right and wrong. I disagree. Which is why Fox will have the best of both worlds.

Now my only problem with the leash I own is that I would love it to have a retractable feature like a dog leash (jokes).

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