This food idea that just got $100,000 on Shark Tank says EVERYTHING about millennials.

Millennials, we did this.

After going nuts over cronuts and making dessert pizza a thing, we have sent a message to business-minded foodies: create whatever delicious mash-up abomination you want and we will buy the crap out of it.

And that’s how we’ve arrived where we are today, in a world where the “Donug” exists.

It’s a cross between a chicken nugget and a doughnut – and its creators – married Melbourne couple Crag Carrick and Rachel Dutton just made a $100,000 deal on the idea through Channel Ten’s Shark Tank.

Now we’re told the Donug tastes delicious. Which sounded much more plausible when Crag explained that it wasn’t actually sweet and there was no icing or cinnamon sugar involved.

Image: Shark Tank/Channel Ten.

"It’s 98 per cent chicken that has our unique and top-secret spice mix," he said on the show.

"It’s got then a cornflake and panko crumb and three different sauces — a cheesy dijon bechamel, a golden Japanese curry and mozzarella, a hot chilli, or you can have it just on its own."

Okay, you got us. That does sound tasty.

But it's not the flavour alone that got RedBalloon founder Naomi Simson to offer them $100,000 for a 25 per cent stake. It was the profit the pioneering couple make.

Crag said he'd only sold Donugs at two events and already made more than $8000 profit. Because the rounded, crumbed and fried chicken had a $9 price tag, but only costs $2.20 to make. While the Melbourne man said this production cost would rise to $4 once they scaled up, that's still a 225 per cent return and a 125 per cent profit.

And that, my fellow millennials, is why we should probably all feel just a little bit red-faced right now. Clearly, we will pay anything for trendy food.