The only 4 outfit combos you need when the weather isn't hot or cold.

When you ask people which season they hate the most they say either summer or winter. But if you ask me, nothing is worse than when it's neither hot nor cold... because what the heck am I supposed to wear!?

Whenever that happens I always find myself in one of two scenarios: Either I walk out of the house in a thick jumper and long coat, only to be boiling towards the end of the day, or I freeze because I was falsely led to believe that it was going to be warm when in fact... it was not.

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It's an endless struggle, and as Australia gets ready to welcome autumn, I have a strong feeling that the weather is going to mess with us in the lead-up. 

Because of my many mishaps and blunders, I've come up with a few easy outfits to wear when you wake up to find that it's one of those weird, in-between days.

And before anyone comes at me for not checking the weather app before I leave the house, just know it's a lesson I've already learnt the hard way.

Oversized blazer, miniskirt and boots.

Otherwise known as, the Hailey Bieber uniform. The model and skincare brand founder was definitely on to something when she decided to pair an oversized blazer with a mini-skirt because turns out, it's the perfect in-between weather outfit. I would recommend wearing a T-shirt underneath the blazer in case it gets warm. But if it's chillier than usual outside, then it's a good idea to add sheer tights. See? It's an adaptable outfit, and that's what we're looking for.


I recommend checking out:

Atmos&Here Lina Oversized Blazer, $119.99.

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.


Cotton On Jude Linen Blazer, $30.

Image: Cotton On, The Iconic.

Perfect Stranger High Waist Mini Skirt, $65.

Image: Perfect Stranger.


You + All Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt, $59.99.

Image: You + All.


Billini Harlea, $129.95.

Image: Billini.

Knit dress and sandals.

Knit dresses are my favourite pieces to wear in the lead-up to autumn. Why? Because they're easy to throw on, they're fuss-free, and you can wear them all throughout winter. When it's not cold enough to be considered autumn yet, I would pair it with sandals instead of boots, just to keep things a bit more airy.


I recommend checking out:

AERE Summer Knit Dress, $150.

Image: AERE, The Iconic.

DISSH Ada Long Sleeve Midi Dress, $159.99.

Image: DISSH.


SPURR Jezza Slides, $69.99.

Image: SPURR, The Iconic.


Novo Sondrio, $59.95.

Image: Novo.


T-shirt, jeans and a trench coat.

A classic outfit formula that works all year round. I couldn't possibly talk about in-between weather outfits without including the t-shirt, jeans and trench coat combo. It's comfortable, effortless and ideal for when the weather just can't make up its mind. If you want to keep it casual, finish the look off with sneakers, but if you're heading to lunch with the girls, then heels work too.

I recommend checking out:

Bonds Originals Mid Weight Crew Tee, $29.99.

Image: Bonds.


Suzanne Grae Relaxed Boat Neck Tee, $19.95.

Image: Suzanne Grae.

Pull&Bear Mid Waist Straight Leg Jeans, $69.99.

Image: Pull&Bear, The Iconic.


Cotton On Curvy Straight Jean, $59.99.

Image: Cotton On.


M.N.G Polana Trench Coat, $179.95.

Image: M.N.G, The Iconic.

Yours Curve Beige Brown Trench Coat, $125.

Image: Yours.


Slip dress with a jumper around the shoulders.

Nothing is more chic than having a jumper loosely draped around your shoulders, and when paired with a slip dress, the result is *chef's kiss*. Of course, the jumper isn't just there for aesthetics; it has a practical element too. The minute it gets slightly cold, just throw it on and people will think you're wearing a slip skirt - it's a two-in-one!

I recommend checking out:

SNDYS Sonata Slip Dress, $119.

Image: SNDYS, The Iconic.


Sunday In The City Hell & Back Asymmetric Midi Dress, $119.99.

Image: Sunday In The City, The Iconic.


& Other Stories Wide-Sleeve Knit Sweater, $135.

Image: & Other Stories, The Iconic.


Atmos&Here Curvy Evie Wool Blend Knit Jumper, $79.99.

Image: Atmos&Here Curvy, The Iconic.

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