This (super cheap) flask-bracelet is the only accessory you need this weekend.

How many times have you looked in the mirror at your going out outfit and thought ‘All that’s missing is a bracelet that is also a flask so I can store my wine/vodka/orange juice in?’

Far too many, that’s how many.

Good news! The flask-masquerading-as-a-bracelet is a thing and it’s just become more affordable.

The genius/dangerous invention went viral last year but there was just one problem – it wasn’t exactly, erm, budget friendly.

At $365 it was lovely but probably a lot more than you’d spend on drinks in a month or two, let alone a night. (Unless that’s a night out for you, in which case I’d love an invite and an Espresso Martini please?)

Now Typo has brought out its own version.

You can grab it off ASOS for just $35.

Image: ASOS

A bangle design with a screw top, you can fill it up with your favourite drink, whether it's wine, vodka or even tea.

Obviously while the designer option is made of stainless steel or 24k plated gold, this one is 100 per cent metal.

It is hand wash only though, so you've got to be ready for that commitment.

What's extra handy, however, is that it's not just for holding liquids. You could put emergency notes, maltesers or other equally as important items for an outdoor excursion in there, while your hands remain untied down by a bag and free to dance awkwardly.

Friday night drinks - or wherever you take your wine - come at us.