real life

Stop right there: "Flask bangles" exist and THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY.


A thing called a “Flask Bangle” exists and OMIGOSH.

It looks like this:

Hello, jewellery heaven? Is that you?

It's beautiful. It's genius. It's stylish. It's probably sanitary.

And for me it's arrived approximately four years too late.

Do you realise how helpful this bangle would've been for the 2013 version of myself? Do you realise how much money this would have saved me on $10 vodka sodas? Do you realise?

If I had this bangle in my 'I'm single and going to kiss as many boys in this nightclub as humanly possible despite the risk of glandular fever' phase, I'd probably be able to buy Tim Gurner out of the Sydney property market by now.

Me too, Timmy boy. Me too.

So if you too want to stop paying exorbitant prices for watered down drinks (you know, all of us) you can grab the bangle from designer Cynthia Rowley for a cool AU$303.36.

If you ask me, that is an extremely wise investment. And you don't even have to be a drinker to wear the bangle, either.

The opportunities are truly endless. This bangle could be the perfect storage device for:

  • Spare tampons
  • A change of earrings
  • Emergency coffee
  • Breast milk
  • Assorted nuts (... because snacks. And yum.)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Clean wee for a wee test (I don't ask questions)

A flask bangle, you guys.

Most definitely the best invention since wine.