There are currently return business class airfares from Australia to Paris for $3400.

Anyone who has boarded an international flight will know the feeling. That slight pang of jealousy at the sight of people plopping themselves down in their business class pods, sipping a welcome glass of bubbles, while you wrestle your duffle down to the cheap seats.

Well, as of now (though likely not much longer) those fancy front-of-the-plane pews are the cheap seats. Website I Know The Pilot has flagged a series of return business class fares that will get you from Australia to Paris and back for what you would generally pay for an economy ticket.

On Singapore airlines, too. IN EUROPEAN SUMMER.

Here are a few examples of return fares:
Brisbane to Paris 06 Aug – 27 Aug: $3486
Sydney to Paris 12 Aug – 02 September: $3470
Melbourne to Paris 29 Oct – 12 Nov: $3463
(For more, visit I Know the Pilot)

To put that in perspective, travelling business class return between Sydney and Perth, on similar dates, will cost you at least $3615. And as lovely as those cities are… well, it’s Paris.

Should you recline your seat on a flight? The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss the rules. (Post continues below.)

The fares are available on limited dates via third-party booking services, including MyTrip and GoToGate, and as always you should pay close attention to terms and conditions, and prepare for small add-on fees and taxes (eg. seat selection, flight notification etc.).

Still, normally these kinds of fares would involve an ‘airports of the world’ tour and three days’ travel time on an airline you’ve never heard of. But these involve a reasonable single stop in Singapore. Plus it means lounge access, actual cutlery and food containing identifiable ingredients.

But note, this is not a fixed sale – so bargain prices can disappear quickly and without warning.

Quick – winter at home, or summer in Europe? Umm….

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