The viral photo the world has gone completely bonkers over.

Stop. It’s happened again.

A photo of a thing – that is definitely a thing – is going viral because it has half the population convinced it is definitely another thing.

This time it’s not a white and gold (sorry, blue and black) dress, but a strange black creature that could either be a crow or a cat.


Crow or cat? Image: Twitter

While at first glance this image, posted on Reddit, looks a lot like a crow - even Google images will tell you that in a reverse image search - it is in fact, upon closer inspection, a black cat.

The kitty has just twisted its head in a way that makes its ear appear like a beak in this photo.

While it's not sparking the same furious debate as the Yanny/Laurel mind-mess of May, the photo did have many people on social media doing double takes.






Did you recognise the creature as a cat straight away?