Meet the influencer that cloned herself – and is making $100,000 a week from it.

Clones used to be purely fictional. A plot device in a sci-fi movie that we probably fell asleep watching. A futuristic concept that never interrupted our reality.

The key part of that statement is used to be, because clones are here. Right now. 

Let us introduce you to Caryn Marjorie. She's a 23-year-old social media influencer with nearly two million Snapchat followers – and she is the first person in history to successfully clone herself using Artificial intelligence (AI). 

Image @cutiecaryn

Developed by Forever Voices, using OpenAI's GPT-4 API technology, the chatbot replicates Marjorie's voice, mannerisms, and personality, offering fans an immersive AI experience that feels like interacting with Marjorie herself. 

Priced at $1 per minute, the chatbot has gained significant popularity, generating over $100,000 in its first week and accumulating a waiting list of thousands.

Marjorie has essentially hit copy-paste on her own identity. CarynAI has brown hair like Marjorie, sounds exactly the same and allegedly has an identical personality. 

The influencer said 'birthing CarynAI' was a necessity because unfortunately, the influencer simply couldn't keep up with the growing demand of men online and their high expectations of her.

Marjorie believes she has created a revolutionary option for lonely men out there, and a copy and paste is all it took. Now all she needs to do is sit back and watch the money pile up. 

After all, CarynAI can't complain, doesn't sleep and certainly won't ask for a cut of that pricey cheque at the end of the month. Exactly what Caryn Marjorie had in mind when she thought of hiring some help.


"These fans of mine, they have a really strong connection with me. I realised about a year ago and it's just not humanly possible for me to reach out to all of these messages," she explained

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Video via 60 Minutes.

CarynAI has been described as a "virtual girlfriend," and allows Marjorie's fans to have personalised conversations with an AI version of herself. Reportedly, CarynAI has already reached over a thousand subscribers, highlighting the demand and making it one of the most successful developments in tech. 


Despite the overall success, CarynAI has received some serious backlash, with Marjorie claiming to have received death threats. The use of companion chatbots like CarynAI has sparked detailed discussions surrounding ethics and potential long-term complications.

To combat the backlash, Marjorie tweeted claims that CarynAI was created to address loneliness and provide emotional support, incorporating cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectic behaviour therapy into the chats. The development of the CarynAI actually involved analysing Marjorie's deleted YouTube content and utilising OpenAI's GPT4 software to 'clone' the influencer.


There have also been many concerns raised regarding sexually explicit interactions. Marjorie quickly stated that the AI was not programmed for such behaviour and that efforts are being made to prevent it.

Forever Voices, CEO John Meyer, shared his personal motivation for creating AI chatbots, describing the experience of conversing with a replicated version of his late father as healing. 

"I consider myself a futurist at heart and when I look into the future, I believe this is the beginning of a very diverse future consisting of AI to human companionship," said the CEO.

The company has since expressed intentions to hire a Chief of Ethics officer and emphasises its commitment to high moral principles.

Marjorie continues to provide updates on CarynAI through her Twitter account, including a warning that being rude to the chatbot will result in being "dumped".

Experts predict that AI influencers will become increasingly prevalent on social platforms, with AI avatars influencing consumer decisions. Despite Marjorie facing significant backlash and receiving threats since the launch of CarynAI, she hopes that as other online personalities introduce their own AI companions, the negative sentiment will subside.

Image: Getty, Mamamia, Twitter@cutiecaryn.

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