The photo of Carrie Bickmore with her daughter that normally wouldn't make it to Instagram.

In just two photos, Carrie Bickmore has nailed why you can’t take everything you see on Instagram at face value, especially when ‘perfect’ mum-and-baby moments are concerned.

Sharing an “Instagram verses reality” snapshot of parenting, the first image is a superbly candid shot of Carrie ‘taking a nap’ with two-month-old Adelaide on the couch.

She’s wearing a black straw hat and looks like her and baby have happily dozed off to the tune of songbirds chirping in the background. But the second image – “the real moment” –  looked vastly different.

“First pic was taken on a flattering angle, with some props, some casual hand positioning, some clever cropping and a nice little filter added,” the mum-of-three wrote in the Instagram caption.

“The second was the real moment captured without my knowledge a couple of weeks after Adelaide was born before I woke up and suggested we take a nice shot.”


Although Carrie is currently taking a break from The Project, the 38-year-old has been very truthfully sharing the ups and downs of parenting her newborn, from painful mastitis flare ups, to broken sleep and conversely, the baby cuddles.

However, her raw honesty has struck a chord with her 593,000 followers and thousands have expressed how much they’ve enjoyed Carrie’s “realness”.

“God bless you Carrie for your honesty,” wrote one fan.

“I can feel the newborn tiredness through the photo,” commented another.

“Motherhood sheer exhaustion! thanks for sharing this real life pic … can def relate! You are the best,” shared another.

Her fellow Project co-host, Gorgi Coghlan and Christian Hull – the video producer for her radio show with Tommy Little, Carrie & Tommy – have also praised the journalist for her frankness.

“Oh this is gold Bickmore x,” wrote Gorgi in the comments.

“THIS. IS. GOLD! I’m loving Adelaide just living her best life tucked under your arm,” shared Christian.

Even though we’ve all been guilty of feeling inferior after seeing someone else’s ‘ideal’ version of their life on social media, as proven by Carrie’s post, things aren’t always what they seem and it’s nice to be reminded of that.

In between juggling two (now three) children, her very busy job and keeping her mind and body in check, Carrie Bickmore is very busy. She tells us how she does it all.

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