'Can I go to the playground?' All your questions about Melbourne's lockdown, answered.

Melbourne's sixth lockdown has been extended for another two weeks, until at least September 2.

On Monday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the extension and tougher restrictions, after the state recorded 22 new local COVID-19 cases, five of which had no known source of infection.

Mr Andrews said the state had no choice given the number of mystery cases, illegal gatherings on the weekend and the number of children spreading the virus.

Daniel Andrews has announced a two-week extension and further restrictions for Melbourne. Image: Getty. 


"We've seen lots of different people flouting these rules, not doing as they should, making really poor choices," he said. 

Mr Andrews said an engagement party last week of 69 people was particularly egregious.

Here's what you need to know about Melbourne's latest restrictions.

Can I visit my partner?


People in Melbourne can leave their home to visit their intimate partners. The 5km rule does not apply when you are visiting your partner. 

If I'm single and live alone, can a friend visit me?

Yes. You're permitted to have one 'single social bubble' buddy. You can visit them and they can visit you.

The 5km does not apply when you are visiting your bubble buddy. 

Can I drink alcohol on my walk?


Melburnians are no longer permitted to remove their mask to drink alcoholic beverages in public.

This comes after Premier Daniel Andrews condemned people for "turning footpaths into impromptu beer gardens".

Can I go for a walk with a friend?

Yes. You can can go for a walk with members of your household or one friend or family member. 

When exercising, you must not travel more than 5km from where you live. 

You also must limit your outdoor exercise to no more than two hours per day.

Is there a curfew?

Melburnians are required to stay home between the hours 9pm and 5am. Image: Getty. 



Melburnians are required to stay home between 9pm and 5am.

Are playgrounds open?


Playgrounds, basketball hoops, skate parks and outdoor exercise equipment have all been closed.

Can I move house in Victoria during lockdown?

Yes. You are still able to move to a new house if you had already arranged to move. However, it is encouraged that you postpone moving house until after lockdown if possible. 


The people you live with can help you to move house. VIC Health says: "Friends, family, or your partner can only assist you to move house if care and support is required due to age, health issues or disability."

Do I have to wear masks outside?


Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors whenever you leave your home.Melburnians are required to wear masks outside. Image: Getty. 

Can I have a picnic with friends outside?

No. You cannot gather with friends and family in public places.


Is there a rule on how many people can leave per home?


One person per household can leave home to get essential goods and services. They can only leave once a day, meaning people can’t make multiple shopping trips. 

Feature image: Getty. 

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