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daijobou October 30, 2020

@laura__palmer I am unsure what people commenting are wanting from this...Do we need to return to the days when disabled people were removed and placed into homes? Everyone wants to live a a compassionate society when it suits them but then all the NIMBYs come out when they face the slightest discomfort. I’ve lived next to an autistic lady before and yes sometimes the noises were strange and annoying, but she was a lovely person and I’m glad we live in a country that values and tries to accommodate all types of people.

daijobou October 28, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 yes but if you are working from home and there is a construction site next door, you can’t really complain if it starts at 7am.  I just assumed from the article the person is complaining about noise which is occurring within working hours not 4am - unless they are having meetings online with overseas clients and the parents lets the kids play outside at that time.

We also need to understand that some noises we have no control over - but we can control other aspects of our lives, such as appropriate acoustics in our properties, using headphones during online calls, creating background noise to drown out other noises or in extreme cases move house. It’s like people who move next to live music venues then complain about the noise.  Focus on what you can control in life.

daijobou October 27, 2020

It’s a difficult one with the new working from home situation - but I think between certain hours there is really nothing much you can do about noise. As cities become more populated it’s just something we all have to live with. Most meeting rooms have to be designed to meet acoustic requirements so it’s not fair to expect the same quietness as you would get at work. My husband normally uses earphones when he is on work calls or zoom meetings and the screeching kids in this case are the ones inside our house!

When my newborn is trying to fall asleep I just have to get him used to screeching kids, dogs barking, construction work and neighbors playing music. I use white noise to drown it all out. Gosh, if I left notes to everyone who interrupted my peaceful enjoyment I would get nothing else done all day!

daijobou October 19, 2020

I’m reading this from a cafe about to get a haircut, currently on maternity leave with my mother looking after my toddler and newborn. I am super fortunate to have grandparents to help me, I really don’t understand how anyone could resent a mother who doesn’t have support using a service to gain a little support!

With my first, I lived in a foreign country and was so anxious that I never took any time for myself and I really regret it. 

Good on you for putting yourself first sometimes it takes bravery and a happy well adjusted mother will produce compassionate and happy children!

daijobou October 19, 2020

I find it very interesting that Japan offers the best paternity leave for fathers - as my experience from birthing there is no fathers actually take it! My husband was a rebel and took 5 days off, most of his Japanese colleagues would take one or two days.

daijobou October 13, 2020

@michael as much as I hate to admit it, yes my dog causes twice the  mess and damage than my three young 3 boys put together! 

daijobou October 8, 2020

I put on so much weight during lockdown, I was pregnant at the time so I was eating constantly and zero exercise. By the end of my pregnancy I had anemia, sciatic and every joint was constantly aching - symptoms I have never experienced with previous two pregnancies.  I think I gained over 20kg...

Interestingly, when I do speak to people about it I tend to say “I am so unfit, I need to get healthy” the first reaction of people is “but you look great, you aren’t fat”. So it is true that people tend to associate fitness with weight - even though (as a genetically slim person) I have learnt not to comment on my weight to others other people bring it up instead. 

daijobou September 28, 2020

Children bring joy and imagination to the world. They are amazing whole people who will be the future custodians of the planet, so being a parent who is able to guide them with love and kindness is a privilege and an incredibly important job.

daijobou September 19, 2020

@cat generally I believe most airlines insist each infant  must be accompanied by an adult.

daijobou September 7, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 this is true, the idea of girls/women having to be subservient also ties into that way of thinking. This thinking that in order to be a mother you are then the opposite of selfish (ie. selfless) is incredibly damaging. 

And don’t think mothers are immune from it! The debate then continues over if being a working mum is “selfish”, putting kids in childcare is “selfish”, having too many (or not enough) kids is “selfish” - it goes on and on. 
It’s so stupid, like the word is the default setting for morons to criticize anything to do with motherhood (including not being a mother)

daijobou September 7, 2020

@cat well you could argue absolutely anything that we do in life is selfish. Every choice we make - including the choice to help other people/educating ourselves/ furthering ourselves is at its heart a way to make ourselves feel better/be better/ do better. Selfishness is absolutely a human trait that enables our survival. It’s only when we talk about women’s choices around fertility that we need to constantly talk about “selfishness”.

daijobou September 6, 2020

@cat I think the word “selfish” needs to be removed from the conversation when we are talking about women’s choices to have - or not have families in general. Deciding to have a child or not to is a huge decision with so many factors involved, reducing it to someone being selfish is so ridiculous and demeaning. The flip side of this idea that mothers are meant to be selfless martyrs is also not healthy.

daijobou August 29, 2020

Whilst I completely understand how hard in must be in Victoria and NSW not being able to travel and having uncertainty and restrictions in place, the LAST thing people in every other states and territories want is to have to go into lockdown just before Christmas  due to relaxed borders and potential of reintroducing community spread. Sorry guys, but most other States are happy with being cautious with our borders if it means we get to live a pretty normal life and small businesses get to thrive.

And Scot Morrisons comments are utterly ridiculous,If anything Queensland teaches us, it is that it is better to go hard and fast on borders, rather than waiting and trusting people to do the right thing.

daijobou August 27, 2020

I wasn’t able to get a job in my chosen field directly out of university. I worked in a small office admin  role for around 8 months before getting a job in my career. This was around 20 years ago. I think it used to be pretty common that people coming out of uni would have to work doing whatever they had to until an opportunity came along. My husband was packing boxes for almost a year after completing a law degree. We both are now very successful in our careers so I wouldn’t give up hope thinking it’s all over just yet! It’s just a small glitch and to be honest it’s a great opportunity to get life experience and meet people you may not otherwise know.

daijobou August 27, 2020

@angela7 he seems to have aged prematurely recently. Maybe he just had lots of make up on when on tv - but he looks about 10 years older than his actual age to me.

daijobou August 18, 2020

If the vaccine is developed by Oxford and manufacturered in Oz I have no issues with taking it. Although I have to admit - will probably get myself, husband and grandparents done first and wait to see if it all goes ok with us would get my kids done last. I am more than happy to be a guinea pig for the next generation!

daijobou August 12, 2020

@snorks in the footage it doesn’t look like he is consenting, he jumps away in shock. Maybe they are picking on him because he is not the kind of guy to complain or deck them. I am normally non violent but I would tell my sons to defend themselves if anyone did this to them.

daijobou July 31, 2020

What about early on when that doctor (was it Missy Higgins father) was named and shamed including on this website. This was back before we even knew the extent of the virus spread in the US and before any restrictions were even in place, and he was crucified. 

daijobou July 28, 2020

Today I’m angry at Clive Palmer, the state of aged care facilities and the mismanagement of aged care despite previous outbreaks or coronavirus in NSW.

I couldn’t give a flying duck about this woman, but whatever.

daijobou July 28, 2020

@cat funny you mention Clive Palmer, we are all spending our time being so outraged by these mask refusing nutbags - no one is talking about Clive Palmer who is trying to tear down the border controls in WA- And worst, that his mates the liberal party are supporting him because they want him to cause havoc for the re-election of the Labor party over here.

Why are there hundreds of articles about Bunnings Karen but nothing about this!? Is it because the eastern States are unaware of what is happening in other States? Or is it easier to moan about crazies rather than address actual issues?

To me the Karen meme is just another way we are dumbing down society, misdirecting people’s outrage. I’d be pissed too if I was a Karen.

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