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daijobou May 14, 2021

There is an episode of the Simpsons where they get an pet elephant Stampy and upon releasing him into a sanctuary he starts head butting other elephants. When they ask why, the animal career says “Some Elephants are just jerks”. I know quite a lot of people with serious mental health issues who are beautiful selfless souls, I often wonder if we are too quick to use mental health as an explanation for just plain jerkish behavior?

daijobou May 12, 2021

@gu3st On the other hand if you keep the lid down, the women only has to touch the lid part and not the seat and only the man has to touch the bacteria infested parts. So I guess it’s just a matter of who should get the plague. My argument is as I prepare the kids food I am more likely to pass plague onto the children - so please just think of the poor children the next time you do a number one.

daijobou May 10, 2021

I’d never heard the term “Matrescence” until having kids, but it’s such a beautiful idea. We are so focused on the birth of a baby, but we should also celebrate the birth of a new mother too. 

daijobou May 5, 2021

@feast originally, no the federal government initially said that hotel quarantine was fit for purpose and they had no plans to open up federal facilities - however in the last day I believe they are looking at opening up a Federal facility. Looks like Scomo read the room a bit late again. I wonder if the excuse will be that he spoke to his wife or he will somehow bring his daughters into the change of heart?

daijobou May 3, 2021

@gypsy agree with taking a hard line, but remember this is a Government who supporter a private citizen’s legal action against a State government’s decision to close borders. They will wait for the outrage to pass, open up again and then blame the States if it gets out of hand.

daijobou May 3, 2021

@gypsy I guess I don’t understand the point of it, just banning them for a few weeks and then business as normal? I could understand if the Feds decided they needed a few weeks to sort out quarantine arrangements as current arrangements are not fit for purpose, but that’s not what this is about. This is the action of a useless government who has passed on ALL responsibility for the quarantine during this year long pandemic and they are just trying to go for a popular vote. Don’t fall for it.

daijobou May 3, 2021

@gu3st We have never had a travel ban that actually bans and threatens jail time for Australian citizens from returning home. Yes it’s been difficult for them to return due to international caps and inability to get flights but they are still free to return. 

Even when it all started and we had the ban of travellers form China, citizens and permanent residents were still able to return and I seem to remember the government actually organized repatriate flights and quarantine facilities for them to return.
I totally agree if you travel anywhere right now  you’re incredibly silly, but making it illegal for a citizen to return to their home is horrendous.

daijobou May 2, 2021

Absolutely ridiculous, jailing Australian citizens for trying to get home and escape an emergency situation. Fair enough the hotel quarantine system is not able to handle it, maybe the Federal government need to stop passing off their responsibility and find a suitable solution for people from high risk countries.

daijobou May 2, 2021

@suz with my third baby, my spinal didn’t work and could feel everything! I endured it because I didn’t want to be under a general for the birth, once baby was out I went straight under. So basically had a major operation with minimal pain relief - so crazy to think that is easy.

Also why don’t I receive notifications that people reply to my posts? I only happened to come across your comment by chance, wonder how many people I’ve accidentally ignored!

daijobou May 1, 2021

@cat my maternal grandmother died in childbirth and my mother almost died and couldn’t have another after having me.

If the easy way out means no one dies, I will take it!

daijobou April 29, 2021

I love number 19.  “I didn’t feel shamed, I just felt like she was a bit of a w*nker.”

This is also my philosophy in life.

daijobou April 27, 2021

I’ve had both, plus an incredibly terrible overseas birth for my first. I have to say the private birth for my second was worth every penny. I was so terrified after my first birth that I needed to feel in control, needed my partner to stay,  I also needed all the one on one attention and a longer stay to ensure my breastfeeding experience was a happy one as opposed to the disaster with my first

It was such a loving experience that I lost my fear and was happy to go public for the third child, was pretty much a pro by then!

daijobou April 25, 2021

@cat it’s kind of nice to know we have leaders in change of such an important task that actually care about us. 

Well I guess Milkshake Morrison has his Pfizer shot so at least he will be ok.

daijobou April 24, 2021

He is right, however the Federal Government has shown themselves so incompetent during every step of this pandemic that I would actually feel the risk of having them in control would make it worse.

daijobou April 17, 2021

I think we also live in a time and place where we are so privileged and we have forgotten that life is actually meant to be a mix of ups and downs. This idea that everyone has to be happy all the time and life has to be perfect is damaging everyone, not just mothers. Sometimes the hardest, most boring and challenging parts of life are also the parts that give us the most meaning and fulfillment and that is definitely the case for me and motherhood!

daijobou April 9, 2021

Hooray, thank you for publishing some Maggie Dent! After all the articles on here about the problems we are facing with our boys - it is fantastic to see something by someone who actually offers parents of boys REAL advice and reassurance.

daijobou April 8, 2021

@anonymous I thought it was recommended to keep baby in the same room with you until they are 6 months?

daijobou March 28, 2021

To be honest I reckon the dads have the right idea sometimes. Making things so complex that we end up pulling our own hair out is ruining our lives and our kids childhoods making everyone anxious and stressed. I’m totally all in for the participation trophy!!

daijobou March 24, 2021

Do you make fresh dog  food every night? Argh, in all honesty I probably wouldn’t be so great at that either!

daijobou March 21, 2021

Yes I have 3 boys and I used to shrug off or laugh along with those “light hearted” comments, until one day my 4 year old came up to me and frowned and rested his hand on my leg and said “you are sad because you want a girl”! I’ve honestly never felt that way about my boys and can only think he has overheard what other people say to me and has taken it to heart. 

Now I if I get comments about how hard my life must be with 3 boys I politely but firmly correct them and let them know how wonderful my boys are and how happy I am.