7 parents share their disastrous cake fails because we can't all be Jacinda Ardern.

Not all mums and dads are born with the same ability to bake a cake.

But some parents, like Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford, are able to effortlessly whip up an adorable bunny cake out of thin air.

Much like Jacinda’s flawless leadership, the bunny cake was perfect. In fact, it literally looked like it hopped right out of the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book.

Some parents, like Hamish Blake, even dedicate entire weekends to building the perfect cake for their children.

(Honestly, we’re pretty jealous of Sonny Blake at this point.)


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???? TONIGHT 8pm on my stories!! ???? For the past two years, I have made my little guys birthday cake, a tradition that begins in our house on your third birthday (I guess). This year is by far the hardest. A velociraptor. That can open and close its mouth. And roar. And can “whack me in the head with its tail” (Sonny direct quote). An outlandish request I should have turned down, but, my Italian heritage dictates that a father can never refuse a cake request on the day of his sons birthday. So tonight we attempt history. For those that have been part of the journey in the past you will know my strategy: hope, procrastination, scotch, some hail Mary’s, blind confidence, over spending at the supermarket. Let’s do this ???? ????

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But others… well, they don’t quite have the X-Factor when it comes to the cake department.

This makes the whole process a whole lot more stressful and just downright complicated.

In the name of honest parenting, seven parents have shared with Mamamia their absolute best cake fails.

Praise. Be.

cake fails
Ah. The dreaded Women's Weekly train. Image: Supplied.
cake fails
Oh... almost. Image: Supplied.
cake fails
So close. Image: Supplied.
cake fails
This was never going to be easy. Image: Supplied.
cake fails
Paradise! Image: Supplied.
Cake fails
It's a croc. Image: Supplied.
cake fails
When you try your best, but you don't succeed. Image: Supplied.

Yep. We've all been there.


But the best part is that children simply don't care how messy a cake looks.

Now, get these poor parents a glass of wine.

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