'The ugliest cake I've ever seen': A bride has slammed the baker of her wedding cake.

If guests at one bride-to-be’s wedding are there for the cake, they will be very disappointed.

The bride slammed the wedding cake made for her by a New Zealand celebrity baker’s business as the “ugliest cake” she’s ever seen, and insisted it won’t be served at her wedding on Friday.

Baker Jordan Rondel, who runs Auckland bakery The Caker, has a large social media following and has written three cookbooks, earning her a big reputation within the industry.

But the disgruntled bride was not impressed by the two-tier wedding cake with pink icing and floral decorations she received from The Caker, and she let Rondel know in a rather brutal email.

The Caker wedding cake
"This is the ugliest cake iv seen." Image: Facebook.

"I don't know how I've paid for the simplest cake with minimal decorations and paid the amount I have just coz it's 'The Caker'," the bride wrote.

"This is just unacceptable. This is the ugliest cake I've seen. I want a full refund."

She ended the email with an extremely friendly: "I expect a reply back".

Rondel posted the bride's email, along with a photo of the cake, on Facebook and Instagram stating that she personally loved the look of the cake and felt it fitted what the customer had asked for.

She said she was "completely shook" and had no choice but to refund the price of the cake.


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Supporters were outraged by the bride's reaction and rude email, with many pointing out that a look at The Caker's photos clearly showed that the cake was consistent of its aesthetic.

"Wow, isn’t that signature Caker style?! LOVE IT! Bet it tastes amazing too, which is the best part!" she one Facebook commenter.

"It’s beautiful, love the colour!! Be proud of your style, that’s why we all love what you do!!! Considering she never returned it I’d say she’s now eating her words literally ... bet she was blown away with how great it tasted," another wrote on Instagram.

But others said they could understand why the bride didn't like the cake.

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"I think bridezilla went from 0 to crazy real fast. If it was me, first I'd pick up a phone, not message, and just be like "it's not really what I wanted, can we fix it". She's not going to get another cake made in time for her wedding. Cake is not to my liking but maybe you both need to work on you communication skills so you both know what the expectations are," one woman said.

Another wrote: "It's quite a naked cake, and the flowers do look a bit haberdashery. Not ugly, but I can see where someone might be a bit underwhelmed."

While The Caker lost money on this cake, the incident may work out in their favour in the long run with multiple brides-to-be saying they loved the look of the cake and would like it to bake a cake for their upcoming weddings.

What do you think of the cake? Was the bride's email out of line, or justified? Let us know in a comment.