The Cadbury Biscuit Bar is the new snack you'll want all to yourself.

Thanks to our brand partner, Cadbury


As has been “scientifically” proven by my own mouth through repeated scientific trials, there is no chocolate better than Cadbury.

There’s Dairy Milk but also Freddo and Cadbury Roses for goodness sake. If Cadbury just wanted to chill for a little while on the whole creating innovative treats things it would be entirely understandable.

But no.

That is not what Cadbury does. Instead, they journeyed inside our heads and discovered one core, universal truth.

Sometimes when we do that thing where we look off into the distance and tap our index and forefinger on our lips while muttering, “Mmmm now what do I feel like? Something sweet…” we’re thinking: I want chocolate and biscuit.

At the same time. And it’s a choice no human being should have to make. Life is hard enough as it is.

We’re constantly making decisions; do I pay my phone bill now or inevitably forget and get a passive-aggressive message about it in a few weeks’ time? Do I tell my boss I made a significant mistake or just wait until they find out? Do I wear the same thing to work I wore yesterday, or try something new that I’m 99 per cent sure makes me look silly?

It’s all too much.

And Cadbury knew that.

So they developed the brand new Cadbury Biscuit Bar, which is a multi-layered, multi-textured bar, with a choc hazelnut-flavoured filling on the inside, and biscuit on the outside, as well as a chocolate coated bottom.


They’re individually packaged which is perfect for people like me who have no self-control and need their food carefully portioned before everything gets out of hand, please. 

It also means that if someone asks for some, you can shout: “NO THERE’S ONLY ENOUGH FOR ONE PERSON CAN’T YOU SEE?” before pointing to your biscuit bar. It is strictly not for sharing. They are the rules.

In saying that, they come in a pack of five. Which no one else needs to know.

The Cadbury Biscuit Bar is perfect for the following occasions. Ahem:

  1. All of them
  2. A 3pm snack at your desk, when you need some kind of incentive to stick around for the next couple of hours
  3. An after dinner treat as a reward for completing your… day
  4. A bargaining chip to make people like you at work
  5. For your handbag so you always have an emergency snack within reach
  6. A glovebox treat to ensure you always have access to happiness even when you’re stuck in traffic

Coming in two flavours, choc and classic, they hit all the right spots because they’re biscuit and chocolate, which is the holy grail of snack time.

They’re also a great conversation starter, because when you whip one out in the office, or on the bus, or in a park, someone will inevitably ask: “Ohh, what’s that?”

And then you get to say, “It’s the new Cadbury Biscuit Bar, part chocolate, part biscuit…”

That’s when you’ll pause, stare them straight in their curious little eyes and say: “Go. Get. Your. Own.”

And it will be an invaluable gift.

This content is brought to you with thanks by our brand partner, Cadbury.


Crispy biscuit bar with a soft choc hazelnut flavoured filling and delicious chocolate covered base. They are the perfect treat to keep handy. Crispy biscuit on the outside, a soft choc hazelnut centre and a chocolate base they are simply delectable. Individually wrapped and portioned for wherever your day takes you.