Very important chocolate news: Cadbury Creme Egg is now available in block-form.


There’s a very special limited edition block of Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate available and finally, our hopes and prayers have been answered.

It’s an Easter miracle.

The six health benefits of eating chocolate. Post continues after.

Yes – your favourite Easter treat is now available in block form for all your late-night/all the time snacking needs over the holidays, between shoving your face with hot cross buns.

Or, you know, sharing with other people if that’s your thing.

Either way – we’re already unbuttoning our jeans in preparation.

Like the classic Creme Egg, each delicious little square of the new block boasts an ambiguous yellowy “creme” flavoured centre that we’ve never truly understood but want always.

But, as all good things must come to an end – the block isn’t going to stick around forever, so you better run.

We’re not sure how long it will be available either, so we strongly advise buying in bulk.

You can pick up a block from Coles and Woolworths for $4.79.

See you there.