HOLY GUACAMOLE: You can now wrap yourself up in a 'burrito blanket'.


There is no feeling quite as cosy as being completely wrapped up in a blanket.

You are warm. You are safe.

Now imagine all that, but with the added novelty of the blanket being a BURRITO.

Holy guacamole, that just became possible.


It looks just like a real burrito, except it’s 1.5 metres wide, made from a polyester cotton blend, and you can wrap yourself in it. 


burrito blanket
Image: Etsy.

While it was an Amazon burrito blanket that initially went viral, it quickly sold out.

So we found a very similar one on Etsy, which can be shipped to Australia, and the people love it.

The blanket has been reviewed with 5 stars.

"I absolutely love iiiiiit. Shipped quick and omg its just perfect dude," wrote one happy customer.

"Exactly like a giant flour tortilla. Super soft too," wrote another.

It's perfect for a night on the couch, watching romantic comedies, eating the real burrito you just ordered in.

The down side? It's going to cost you $150 to get it shipped to Australia... but don't act like you haven't spent that much on real burritos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can buy yourself a burrito blanket on Etsy.