CULT BUY: The new Benefit brow product that's literally the pen you used in high school.

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For two strips of hair that sit on your face, eyebrows can be complicated.

There are brow gels, brow cremes, brow pomades, brow pencils, brow crayons, brow setting sprays, brow mousse, brow shaping kits…

For the everyday woman, it’s a tad overwhelming, yeah?

Thankfully, brow experts Benefit have gone and made possibly the least intimidating brow product on the market.

It’s called Brow Contour Pro and legit, it’s the pen you used in high school, but better because it’s makeup.

brow-contour-pro benefit
So this is Benefit's Brow Contour Pro.
brow-contour-pro benefit
These are the two brow shades.
brow-contour-pro benefit
These are the two highlighting and defining shades.
brow-contour-pro benefit
Click your colour and it pops out the end. Images: Supplied.

This four-in-one defining and highlighting brow pencil works exactly like the four-colour pen you coveted in Year 9 - blue and black for writing, red for headings and green for... we don't remember what green was for.

In this case, the $55 product features lighter and darker brow shades for dimension, and 'edge and arch defining' shades to highlight. It also comes in five shade combinations to cover a wide range of brow colours and skin tones: blonde light, brown light, brown medium, brown-black light, brown-black deep.


Put simply, Brow Contour Pro is like that multi-talented person who seems to glide through life saying and doing the right thing. Except now, she's fun, convenient and fits perfectly in your overcrowded makeup bag.

Benefit Australia's National Brow Artist Hannah Mutze described the new product as having the ease of application of a brow pencil, but the formula of a pomade.

"Different to the rest of the Benefit brow collection in terms of formula, Brow Contour Pro is a new 24-hour, waterproof formula in the form of a pen, the application method of a pen or a pencil, but the texture lends itself to more of a pomade," she told Mamamia.


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"It's really creamy and intensely pigmented, but easy to blend which means you can achieve that clean, bold brow without the effort that sometimes comes with a powder or pencil product. And having those areas of highlight and contrast on the brow gives brows dimension and texture while still being really natural and defined."

As for how to use it, it works almost exactly the same way as a multi-colour pen: click down on the shade you'd like to use, then slowly twist to wind that colour out.

Hannah recommended starting with the lighter shade and gently tracing the outline of your brow before adding definition to your arch with the deeper shade.

Next comes the bit you might've seen makeup artists do on Instagram - conceal and clean up your handiwork by applying and blending the the 'edge definer' shade above and below the brow (hot tip: apply this shade as close to your brow hairs as possible, then blend upwards).


Finally, the highlighting shade goes right underneath your arch. Unlike a traditional highlighting product, this shade is matte and will draw light in, rather than reflect it, for a natural finish.

For a professional touch, here's a quick recap of Hannah's top brow tips:

  • "Instead of applying colour opaquely through the brow (i.e. colouring it in), outline your shape and apply a little colour where you need it, then blend the colour upwards and inwards with a spoolie (brow brush)."
  • "A little blending tool is essential, you do need to blend the lighter and darker colours through the brow with a spoolie for a natural finish."
  • "The product is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way and it's better to err on the side of light handedness."
brow-contour-pro benefit
BEFORE... can you tell which eyebrow has been done?
brow-contour-pro benefit
It's.... definitely not this patchy one.
brow-contour-pro benefit
THIS ONE is done using the Brow Contour Pro.
brow-contour-pro benefit
AFTER. Images: Supplied.

As someone who has very little experience in filing in brows, I found the product light in my hand, easy to use, and covering up mistakes was simple because of the creamy, blendable formula.

It's also just really fun and gave me a delightful wave of nostalgia for my high school days of trying to colour in my diary.

Just don't let anyone borrow your pen, OK? You're not going to want to lose this one.

Brow Contour Pro is $55 and currently available in-store and online at Sephora. You'll also see it wherever you buy your Benefit products in September.

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