'I always get asked what eyebrow product I use. This is it'.


You know how some people have really great hair all the time?

Or how some women just seem to nail their liquid liner every. Single. Day?

Well my ‘thing’ is my brows. I’m obsessed with the two patches of hair above my eyes, so much so that I get them groomed professionally every 14 days on average (I am a fairly hairy person).

I was one of the first to get my brows feather tattooed many many years ago – and have had it done a few more times since, but the tattoo has all but faded now.

Which means I need to fill my brows in.

After years of meticulous training they are now a pretty decent shape but still need a little love toward the tail (thanks, years of over-plucking as a teen) and I like the shape to be sharp and square at the start.

I have tried more brow pencils, powders and pots than you could even imagine exist. If it’s a very dark brown eyebrow product it’s safe to put money on me having trialled it.

And although I have found some good products along the way, I always come back to the same one.

Benefit Brow Zings.

Please excuse the super zoom on my face but I wanted you to see the product in action.

I first fell in love with this product when it was in the plain black square packaging, years before it got a fancy new look.

Now it comes in a silver mirrored compact, but it's still the same perfect duo of a brow powder and matching coloured wax.

The kit also comes with a teeny set of tweezers and two small brushes. I use the small angled brush when I am travelling but prefer to use my own full-sized angled brow brush when I'm at home.

I love you, tiny tubs of dark brown goodness.

I love it because the wax grabs to my brow hair, fully filling in the patchy bits and also sticking to the skin (where there's no hair). The powder on top then sets the wax and makes the finish look more three dimensional.

The result is realistic looking, full brows and no chalky look like you sometimes get with brow pencils.

My shade is number 5. Benefit Brow Zings is currently on sale for $34.99.

Do you use a brow product you love? Tell us in the comments. 

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