The Beckhams approve of Brooklyn's first ever tattoo but the internet is not happy.

David Beckham took his son Brooklyn to get his first tattoo over the weekend and what started out as a bonding exercise between father and son, quickly turned into a hotly debated subject on social media.

And it’s the subject matter, not the tattoo itself, that commenters have a problem with.

The 18-year-old choose to get an image of a Native American permanently etched onto his forearm. The illustration bares a striking resemblance to a tattoo on David Beckham’s torso.

On Saturday Brooklyn posted an image of his new ink on Instagram with the caption: “Thank you so much Mark x just like dads.”

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Fans have questioned Brooklyn’s illustration choice as he’s not Native American and doesn’t seem to have any links to the Native American culture.

“In future you could consider your privilege and your history (white colonialism). Native American people continue to be discriminated against and oppressed, their land, security and liberties threatened by white people. The allies they need are those who will support their voices being raised, especially in areas of influence, like in politics and in popular culture like through the following you have – they don’t need representation in the form of being fashion/art on white skin,” one person wrote.

“I bet you did this because in your mind it “looks cool” but the honest reality is you probably know nothing about Native American history besides what you looked up under your Google search after you saw daddy’s tattoo,” added another.


“It is a nice tattoo BUT it would look nicer on someone who is native american not white.”

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While others took a more diplomatic approach: “May I ask why a Native American symbol? Might be offensive to some that a rich white boy from England is appropriating Native American culture. JMO. Nice work, tho.”

Some Instragrammers disagreed and thought that Brooklyn had the right to express himself however he chose.

“Very judgey people commenting…tattoos are sentimental and personal. It’s not your business why he chose this design. Personally think it’s beautiful,” wrote one person.

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While some Native American fans thanked Brooklyn for his choice: “I think this tattoo is a honour to the First Nations people! I have Algonquin roots in my family!”

“Thank you for honoring my people with a tattoo of a native American. It’s beautiful!” added another.

What do you think of Brooklyn’s tattoo?