A bride let her 15 bridesmaids choose their own dresses and the result is gorgeous.

As we all know, choosing a wedding dress is one thing, but choosing bridesmaids dresses can be a whole other fiasco. There’s the cuts, the colours, the price tags, and the almighty task that is ensuring everyone looks both cohesive and comfortable on the big day.

So with that in mind, one New York bride outsourced the task, allowing her 15 (yes, fifteen) bridesmaids to pick their own dresses for her day.

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Bride Annabelle Caufman Soudavar explained the decision to Vogue, saying, “I wanted everyone’s individual style to come through, and for my friends to feel beautiful and like themselves.”

The business developer also said that while the bridesmaids had guidelines, they were pretty flexible and open to interpretation.

“I had asked that they all select their own dresses with the direction that they should be pale, romantic, and floral,” she said.

And by the looks of things, what that meant to each bridesmaid was unique, but still somehow incredibly cohesive when all pulled together.

Perhaps the best aspect of the wedding, though, is how much fun the entire bridal party seemed to have on the day – no small part of which is surely due to the fact that they were comfortable and confident in what they were wearing.

We’re calling it early, but this might just be the wedding trend of 2017.