The bright yellow 'monstrosity' a bride is forcing her bridesmaids to wear to her wedding.


Bridesmaid dresses are always a little bit… controversial.

But none more so than the very interesting, very yellow choice one UK bride is forcing her bridesmaids to fork out £144 (about AU$260!) for.

A baffled bridesmaid asked parenting forum Mumsnet whether it would be unreasonable to tell the bride that her bridesmaids don’t want to pay for the “monstrosities”.

“There are six of us and we all absolutely hate the dress she has picked… It is honestly the fugliest dress I have ever seen.”

She shared a link to the dress online.


Yellow bridesmaid dress
In what cruel world would anyone force others to wear this. Image: Kissy Dress.


So, that's a thing.

Anyway, the six bridesmaids decided to tell the bride they would rather walk the aisle naked that wear that thing didn't like the dress, and the poor anonymous poster had drawn the short straw and needed advice on how to broach the subject.

Most Mumsnet users were horrified at 1. The dress, 2. The cost and 3. Their thoughts about what the bride might be wearing that wouldn't be upstaged by six women wearing yellow shower loofahs.

In fact, the post received almost 300 comments.

"The yellow one looks like walking phlegm. Ask her if she really wants her wedding photographs to look as though someone has gobbed over the wedding party," wrote one user.

Another said: "I have come to the conclusion that if she is serious about this, she actually secretly hates you all. Those dresses are f***ing hideous!!!"

"Yellow? Is it a Sesame Street themed wedding because you will all look like Big Bird," said another.

Users suggested various methods to get the bride to change her mind, including telling her not all six bridesmaids will fit in the wedding photos and showing her negative reviews from the dresses website.


Many others suggested maybe she was just joking. We sincerely hope so.

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