Attention all brides: The coolest colour for bridesmaid dresses in 2018 has been named.

Are you starting 2018 with a nice new shiny ring on your finger?

First of all, congratulations. Second of all, buckle in because OH MY GOD ALL THE PLANNING IS ABOUT TO START.

While you might feel like there are a million and one things to do, we’ve got one of your biggest dilemmas covered when it comes to planning your big day.

One of the hardest things for a bride to determine can be just what colour to dress their bridesmaids in. Finding something that not only suits the venue, the theme and is flattering on everyone can be a bit of a mission.

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But according to wedding planning site Wedding Wire, there’s one colour brides should choose to ensure their wedding is as ‘on trend’ as possible in 2018.

It turns out, this year, blush is out and ‘Nostalgia Rose’ is in.

nostalgia rose pantone

While the two shades look fairly similar, Nostalgia Rose is a deeper, darker pink that has hints of purple.

"The deeper and darker pink is an upgrade from the soft and girly blushes we've seen in the past," the site said.

nostalgia rose bridesmaids
Nostalgia rose is more versatile than its blush sister. Image via Sorella Vita.

While blush was more suitable for weddings in spring and summer, its darker sister is rich enough to work in any season, including winter weddings.

If the colour still isn't your thing, Wedding Wire also claims that jewel-toned dresses are also in vogue, as are wrap dresses and even gowns made of velvet.