A bride's been labelled “downright wicked” for two requests she made to her sister-in-law.


It’s normal for brides-to-be to fuss over what their bridesmaids are wearing. But does a bride-to-be have the right to tell a wedding guest what to wear – especially if it makes that guest feel horribly uncomfortable?

A woman on UK website Mumsnet has posed this question after her husband’s sister made two requests in the lead-up to her April wedding.

The first request is that she not wear a wig.

“My hair is super thin and balding and makes me super uncomfortable so I tend to wear proper, human hair wigs in public/to occasions,” the woman wrote. “I’m talking a decent one, not a green Mohawk from the joke shop.”

The second request is that she wear a dress of the bride-to-be’s choosing, despite not being a bridesmaid or a member of the wedding party. As a family member, she will be in some of the group photos.

“She doesn’t like my ‘fashion sense’,” the woman added. “I don’t dress like a cheap hooker, but I’m not a fussy old-fashioned type either.”

She asked the internet if her sister-in-law was being a bridezilla.

The response? Well, not exactly.

“She is not a bridezilla,” said one. “She is just a nasty woman.”

Team Mamamia share the worst requests they’ve received as a bridesmaid.

Video by MMC

Others described her as “downright wicked” and “nothing short of psychotic”.

A few people said they would consider the dress request, if the bride-to-be was paying, or they would be willing to choose from a specified colour scheme. But all were outraged at the wig request.

One woman, bald from chemo, said she was “hugely dependent” on her hats.

“I hate feeling that everyone can see the wispy remnants of what used to be nice, thick hair. It’s such a vulnerable feeling.”

Another said that her niece has hair loss due to alopecia, so her sister arranged a specialist hairdresser for her wig when she was getting married.

“She wanted her to be relaxed and not feel self-conscious in the wedding pics. That is how family treat each other.”

There were plenty of suggestions as to what the woman should wear to the wedding, ranging from “a tartan dress and a ginger wig” to “a mohawk wig and a white bikini”. Others came up with different ways to get revenge.

“Dress exactly as she requested, but gurn furiously in the pictures!” one suggested.

Many felt there was a lot more to it than just being a bridezilla.

“I suspect you are a million times better looking than she is and she wants to sabotage that as much as she humanly can, frankly,” said one.


What would you do if you were told how to dress for a wedding?

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