A man's brutally honest break up text message is going viral because it's... amazing.


A break up text message is going viral for how bloody great it is, and that’s not a sentence you read every day.

There was no “ghosting”, “stashing”, “marleying” involved, but rather a straightforward message, articulating his feelings.


Have a look for yourself.

break up text message
Image: Reddit.

The text exchange was shared to Reddit, and many were quite simply stunned at how mature this guy handled things. Granted, it was quite blunt, but hey, it was also refreshing as heck.


"Lovely to see some real adults," one Reddit user wrote.

"The fact that he made it to the first date and didn’t ghost her even though it didn’t go well is huge in my opinion," someone else said.

"Nearly anything is better than ghosting, and this is 100 times better than ghosting," wrote another.

And if you're wondering how the woman on the other end of the break-up text reacted, she was equally as, if not more, pleasant.

break up text message
This is all so... well mannered. Image: Reddit.

Imagine if all break ups went like this?

One particular Reddit user shared a theory that might just be the key to forming all civil break-up texts: "Sandwiching."


"The trick is sandwiching," they began.

"Start nice, lay down the actual flaw, end nice. Feelings don't get hurt, message gets across," they said.

Move over "ghosting", because "sandwiching" is the new trend we should all be getting behind.

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