The unusual plastic surgery trend that claims to improve your sex life.

Botox: no longer exclusively for women with tired faces. Now, it’s for men with tired balls, too.

Male botox has reached their nether regions with a rising trend of scrotum botox.

So, for any woman who has experienced the eye-watering pain of a brazilian wax, you can now enjoy a giggle at the idea of our male counterparts having their happy sacks jabbed with a sizeable needle.


DEAR LORD, WHY? *Winces*

Well, the botox works to relax the muscles of the testicles, allowing them to hang looser and lower, with few wrinkles.

Not just an aesthetic choice, scrotox is said to improve men’s sex life as their, uh, low-hanging fruit are more free to move around and stimulate the woman’s, uh, sensitive bits. (I’m not sure why I’m speaking like a 1965 sex-ed teacher but I’m getting stress rash just thinking about botox’d balls…)

In an anonymous post to Redbook, a doctor in the US admitted to trying out the procedure with excellent results.

“[My partner and I] began doing research together about the procedure, and read user reviews that said since Scrotox makes the balls hang lower and looser, my scrotum would make contact better with her skin during sex. In particular, [it would] stimulate the clitoris more.”


Um, so, did it?

“The sex was great!” he wrote.

“It did make the sex more enjoyable. While it doesn’t make sex last longer, along with the aesthetics, my lower-hanging, relaxed and looser balls were more stimulating for my girlfriend. For her, she says it does stimulate the vulva region more and perhaps even the clitoris [when we have sex in certain positions]. As they are lower, they can reach places on her body better.”


I think I need a cold compress and a lie-down, possums.


Scrotox is just the latest in a string of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the appearance of genitalia, as well as one’s sexual experiences. From anal bleaching to designer vaginas, piercings to vajazzling, penis enlargements to labiaplasty, perineoplasty, and vaginoplasty; the options are endless.

But it isn’t called ‘bumping uglies’ for nothing, folks. Why can’t we just leave our wobbly bits to look like the gloriously ugly blobs of magical wizardry they are?

Be proud of your wrinkly balls and your saggy flaps and your hairy bikini lines. No one is meant to look like a Barbie doll.

And fellas? Here’s a hot tip: Ken dolls don’t have balls. So maybe skip the scrotox.

Watch: Jordan on Scrubs gets Botox. 

Video via NBC
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