The 6 books you should read this month, as recommended by the Mamamia team.

Good book recommendations are one of the best gifts you can give someone.

They are also one of the most effective forms of escapism. And right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, there's no doubt we could all use a brief relief from real life. 

So, I asked the Mamamia team what books they've been devouring this month. 

Whether it's entertainment, information or inspiration you're after, there's a book for everyone's wants. 

Here's what they had to say.


A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu

A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing. 


"There are three reasons why I loved this book. Firstly, it's raw, it's relatable and it's laugh out loud funny. It unashamedly sheds light on every young woman's deepest insecurities and darkest thoughts about life, love, and sex.

"It's also a glimpse into every second-generation immigrant's identity dilemma. As you read the book, you get to vividly experience what it's like growing up in Sydney's inner-west as the daughter of a Chinese mum.

"And as a musician and an art lover myself, it's always refreshing to hear a fellow musician's point of view on life. Rarely do you come across someone who's honest about how boring, tumultuous, and financially distressing it is to work as a modern-age, professional musician." 

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Such A Fun Age. 


"After seeing this book everywhere I finally decided to buy it for myself. I wasn't sure what to expect or whether it would be worth the hype. 

"I LOVED it. It's such a good easy read that is entertaining but also deals with real and important issues around race."

The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku

The Happiest Man on Earth. 


"I knew of Holocaust survivor Eddie's extraordinary life from his very memorable No Filter interview with Mia Freedman. But reading his memoir broke my heart and then put it back together. As a Jewish woman, it's hard to face up to the horrors of that period of history - let alone immerse yourself in the details. But we all should. Eddie, now 100, is testament to the power of the human spirit and a beaming light in the world. I just want to give him a hug."

I Give My Marriage A Year by Holly Wainwright

I Give My Marriage a Year.


"This is Holly Wainwright's third book and you just won't be able to put it down. After reading the first chapter, you'll be completely hooked, and desperate to know what happens. The characters are so familiar and you'll swear they exist in your own life - and if you're in a long-term relationship, it'll make you question how you behave, as well as when it's time to leave."

Listen: On Mamamia Out Loud, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens ask Holly Wainwright everything there is to know about the book. (But don't worry, there are no spoilers.)

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

Girl, Woman, Other


"I’m obsessed with Girl, Woman, Other. The characters are so real it feels like you know them personally. It’s also super educational, emotional and just makes you want to be a better person. This book taught me the importance of justice and that we are always surrounded by so many amazing and intelligent women through all aspects of life."

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

Grown Ups.


"Grown Ups is the latest book by best-selling author Marian Keyes, the brains behind 14 novels, including The Break and Rachel’s Holiday. I absolutely loved it. Whilst it is not the page-turner many modern books are known for, it's the story of a modern-day family with complex tensions and storylines. In a book of over 600 pages, it’s rare to want it to keep going, but that’s exactly the feeling I got."

Read Mamamia's book review on Marian Keyes' Grown Ups here. 

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