The crushing story behind the photo of this 6-year-old boy surrounded by empty plates.

A US mum has shared a photo capturing her son’s heartbreak after no one showed up to his sixth birthday party.

Sil Mazzini said that her son Teddy had invited 32 of his classmates to a party at a local pizza restaurant in Tuscon, Arizona. But several minutes into the party on Sunday afternoon, it was clear no one was showing up.

“I’m done with parties for a while,” she told local news station, ABC15.

Sil said while some parents had informed her in advance their children couldn’t make it, as far as she knew everyone else was coming and was left with dozens of gift bags and a heartbroken son.

None of Teddy's classmates showed up. Image: Facebook/ABC15

After sharing the photo with a local news reporter who posted the photo on Facebook, the story of Teddy and his lonely birthday quickly went viral, with hundreds of people voicing their support for the boy.


And thankfully some good news came out of the boy's hard day, with Teddy offered free tickets to watch a Phoenix Suns NBA game and also the local Phoenix Rising football team.

This isn't the first time a child has been left disappointed after their primary school peers decided not to attend their birthday party.

In 2016 Minnesota mum, Jenny Moretter who was planning a 10th birthday party for her daughter Mackenzie. But not a single girl from her class had said they could come less than a week out from the party.

Her plea for some of her daughter's grade four classmates to attend on Facebook was quickly shared around and soon Jenny has RSVPs from dozens of strangers who helped the little girl celebrate, made donations and sent birthday cards.