How to pull off the perfect kids birthday party, according to their age.

Do you ever feel like time is disappearing? You blink and the school term has started, you take a breath and the holidays are upon you. The kids are wild, excited at the prospect of their freedom and bored with the reality of it.

Winter rolls around, and then Christmas, and suddenly you are back where you started, a year down the track, wondering where the hours went. Another birthday on the horizon, another child eagerly anticipating the celebration of their arrival into the world.

And you, the parent, expected to create something exponentially unforgettable for their special day.

The good news is that this time around, you needn’t fret. We have scooped out the inside of the universal think tank and come up with a batch of different party ideas just for you.

No matter the age, gender or interests of your child, there is something here for everyone:

Under five.

kids party ideas
"Structure is something that youngsters can struggle with." Image: Supplied.

It’s Toddler Time! Toddlers have a whole lot of energy that they don’t often know what to do with, and focusing their attention is no easy task. The best bet for entertaining these spirited souls is to ply them with an assortment of free-form games which they can go between as they please.

Structure is something that youngsters can struggle with so it’s a great idea to have some hula hoops, ribbons, bubbles and other such toddler friendly toys within reach to keep everyone entertained.

To ensure that they are being looked after, parents attending could team up and take turns supervising. You could make a game of it, pairing together mums and/or dads who can use the time to get to know one another. If you’re after an option that requires a little less responsibility, then hiring an entertainer is the way to go.

Professional entertainers are experts when it comes to children, and keeping the tiny tots engaged is their number one priority.

Booking in an entertainer will relieve stress from your shoulders, allow fellow parents to mingle with each other AND give the kids something new and interesting to focus on. It’s a win-win.


Five to eight.

This age bracket is often the easiest to entertain, still being very much in awe of the world around them. Quick to inspire and easy to captivate, five to eight-year-olds can still see the magic that we, in our dubious maturity, have forgotten. Something as straightforward as a character party can be the perfect option for them as it means they can revel in the company of their favourite superhero, princess, fairy, pirate, animal or other such magical being.

Getting a magician in to host a magic show is another great option for kids this age. The shows are funny and interactive and are a surefire way to keep all of the children entertained throughout. Sometimes the magician will teach them a trick or two, and even finish up with some balloon twisting.

Crafting parties allow the kids to explore their creative side and anything that they make, they can then proudly take home with them.

If your home just won’t cut it and you need to relocate the party to a park, make sure that you have a mix of outdoor games on hand for the kids to play once you arrive. This could be anything from tug of war to hot potato to egg and spoon races galore. Even something as simple as a game of tag or octopus can get the kids excited and engaged. The options here are endless.

Nine to twelve. 

The kids are getting older and what used to pass for staple entertainment is no longer doing the trick. They’re getting to that cool pre-teen age where they are ready to be challenged with new ideas and experiences. If you’re interested in trying something out of the ordinary, now is the time.


For an hour or two, the kids could dress up in lab coats and goggles and delve into the world of science, learning about sticky slime, erupting volcanoes, and child-friendly rockets.

Cooking parties are the go-to if you’re concerned about catering since the kids will do it all for you. All they’ll need is access to your fridge and oven (that’s if you’re getting someone in to host it for you) and voila, a three course menu with a milkshake to boot.

kids party ideas
"If you’re interested in trying something out of the ordinary, now is the time." Image: Supplied.

If you’ve got a group of gals (or guys) wanting to be pampered, then the parlour can come to you. With foot spas, face masks, manicures, makeup and music, the kids will discover the rejuvenating art of relaxation whilst getting all glammed up in the process.


If you’re wanting them to channel their inner zen, then think about having a yoga instructor join the party to lead the kids in some fun meditation and stretches.

Discos are a classic party format that have proven to keep kids of all ages (including big kids like us) engaged throughout. With upbeat music, a couple of microphones, some disco lights and a whole lot of dancing, the kids will boogie away to their heart’s content.

When you think about how many kids you can entertain by hosting a disco party, you’ll see that there is real value for money here as well - save the cents and the dollars will look after themselves.

Hosting a party for your kids doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need to do is block out some time in your schedule to do a little research and you’ll find that there are plenty of theme options out there, one of which is certain to suit your needs.

You can mix and match the ideas here or you can tailor them to create something new and unique for your party. Whatever your decision, remember that children exist in a realm of playfulness and if you show them that you are having fun, then they will have fun too.

What sort of birthday will you throw for your child this year? Tell us in the comments section below.