The Marie Kondo-inspired laundry trolley from BIG W sparking SO MUCH JOY.

Attention Marie Kondo fans, we have very important news.

Retailer BIG W have bottled up the essence of the de-cluttering legend and distilled it into an inspirational laundry collection that is set to spark so much joy.

The collection includes a very aesthetic and calming collapsible bamboo airer (pictured below), as well as various storage tins to keep your laundry powder and pegs in check.  What we need to talk about, however, is their $99, all-in-one laundry trolley because IT’S THE THING OF OUR MARIE KONDO DREAMS.

The slimline trolley features lockable wheels, a folding table (which doubles as an ironing board) and three storage bags to separate your clothes into darks, lights and white, which means your clothes will forever remain crisp and never discoloured.

Big W laundry trolley Marie Kondo
You are so beautiful. Image: Supplied.

The table itself measures one metre by 38cm, which means you can slide it into any nooks and crannies when it's not in use - perfect for those of us who live in smaller apartments or lack storage space.

But if you're a fan of the collection, get ready to pounce quicker than Marie Kondo on an unfolded t-shirt, because the trolley has been released online ahead of schedule and the rest of the collection is set to launch in-store on February 7 - AKA tomorrow.



For more savings from Big W, preview their annual baby sale which goes from January 31 till February 13. Brands on offer include Bonds, The Wiggles, Lamaze, Tommee Tippee, Mother’s Choice, Playgro, Dymples, Sesame Street, Peppa Pig, Fisher-Price, Steelcraft and Bright Starts… the list just keeps going.

Don't miss it.

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