RUN, DON'T WALK: We preview BIG W's annual baby event before you fill your trolley.

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Everybody loves a sale… but how’s about an event?

BIG W’s annual baby event is just around the corner, and it’s worth getting excited about.

Put it in your calendars – January 31 till February 13. Take a day off, call in sick, lock yourself in a meeting room for a few hours with a DND sign, get hubby/wifey to work from home, ask Dad to watch the kids, whatever it is – make yourself available because it’s HUGE.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, once a year BIG W host their biggest baby sale of the year that covers pretty much everything. There’s maternal wear, nappies, wipes, bottles, formula, food, feeding accessories, bath products, clothing, books, nursery items, sheets, toys, strollers, car seats, accessories, cutlery – the list goes on.

Brands include Bonds, The Wiggles, Lamaze, Tommee Tippee, Mother’s Choice, Playgro, Dymples, Sesame Street, Peppa Pig, Fisher-Price, Steelcraft, Bright Starts…my goodness the list just keeps going.

I remember last year both hubby and I took the day off and filled two whole trolleys with so much goodness for our toddler Nia. She has no idea what’s coming for her now!

This year’s catalogue is filled with even more discounted goodies. I’m one of those people who buys the same thing in multiple colours and sizes, and equally does the same for the handful of kids Nia is friends with.

My favourite picks after looking through the 32-page catalogue are:

Bonds Zippys: Better than half price at only $12 (RRP $24.95). Sizes from 0000 – 3. Last year we bought every single print, in multiple sizes. They are honestly SO good and Nia still wears them.

Big W
Bonds Zippys for your little animal. Image: Supplied.
Big W
Nia's a fan of the Bonds Zippys. Note - there's a new season coming in for the sale. Image: Supplied.

Tommee Tippee Essentials Kit: Half price at $125. Everything you need to prepare your baby’s bottle and more. Bottles, teats, steriliser, bottle warmer, insulated bags, brush, soother and teat tongs.

Tommee Tippee
Half price Tommee Tipee. Awesome. Image: Big W.

Strollers: There are some awesome deals here. Mother’s Choice ‘Haven Stroller’ is $249 ($50 off), and the Flux 3-Wheel Stroller is $219 ($30 off).

Wizard essentials: Love Harry Potter? Dress your little wizard in H. Potter pyjamas, onesies, headbands, coveralls and shoes that match their magical personalities. The range is between $12 and $22.

Big W
For your little Harry or Hermione. Image: Big W.

Car seats: How cool is this? The Wiggles Dorothy The Dinosaur Car Seat is $169, part of the broader Wiggles range, which includes comforters, toys, plush rattles, toilet training sets and more. The car seat range also includes a Mothers Choice Flair Car Seat (30 percent off, now $125) and an Infasecure Emperor Car Seat for $349.

Stop Wiggling in the back seat... Image: Big W.

Nappies: Huggies Jumbo Nappies $24 - save $6. Considering how much we use nappies, it's good to save on these! They also have 384-pack Huggies Wipes for $13 (save $6).

That's Not My apparel and books range: This new range is only available at BIG W, it includes coveralls, pyjamas, sleeping bags and bibs that match the book range (books are $8 each).

Big W
That's Not My...oh yes it is. Image: Big W.

Dymples organic range: Dymples Organic Babywear starts from $4. Good quality and low price = tick, tick.

Here’s a hot tip: pre-plan for the year when it comes to your new arrival / your current little loves - birthdays, birthdays for other kids in the family, child care friends, weather/ season appropriate clothes, baby milestones and developments or special occasions.

This way you’ll not only be prepared when the time comes, but you would have absolutely saved a bucket load of money in the process.

Also, you can shop how you want and when you want - instore, online or instore pickup or delivery. And yes, you can pay by Afterpay online too. Phew.

I hope all this talk about what’s going to be on sale has excited you enough that you’ve popped the date in your diary and have already WhatsApp’ed your mum or dad tribe to nab the best deals and brands.

And if you’re heading in store, keep that car boot of yours empty.

Happy shopping!

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