SHARE: The 6 best YouTube workout videos.

Who else is on a serious budget right now?

I know it’s rough. I know. And I know that when it’s time to start saving some money, a gym membership is often the first thing to go, as – let’s face it – that platinum membership is not exactly as essential as a roof over your head and food on the table every day.

But going el cheapo is no reason to give up on your fitness – and there’s really no excuse to, considering the wonder that is the Interwebz. Every day, fitness fanatics are uploading genius YouTube videos, which are just sitting and waiting for you to try. For free. In your own home.

I’ve rounded up my favourite ones so you don’t go down chasing too many YouTube rabbit holes in your search for the perfect abs workout. You’re welcome.

1. Jillian Michaels

This Jillian Michaels workout video has had over four million views. It’s a complete cardio workout that requires zero equipment, which makes things ridiculously convenient if you’re working out at home.

Oh… and it’s intense. Just be ready. Jillian Michaels isn’t exactly known for kicking back and taking it easy, after all.

2. Victoria’s Secret arms

A friend of mine swears by the below video – she does it every single day. And if you’re self-conscious about your arms, you’ll probably love it too. It’s a 10-minute arm workout with Victoria’s Secret model trainer, Andrea Orbeck.

All you’ll need is some dumbbells and your arms. Be ready to cry if you haven’t lifted anything heavy in a while…


3. Michelle Bridges

Australia’s favourite personal trainer (and my personal pretend best friend), Michelle Bridges, has put together a bunch of little 10 minute YouTube circuits that are super-simple and don’t take up much space. There’s one for every single day of the week so you don’t get bored. And while they only run for 10 minutes, they’re a seriously good but short workout – excellent for those who are time-poor.

4. Fitness Blender

Ah, Fitness Blender. It’s one of the most popular YouTube channels out there, and I’m not really surprised – there are tons of free workouts, each going for a different period of time, each targeting a different area of the body.

One of my favourites is the one below – it’s a cardio, obliques and abs workout that doesn’t require any equipment. Winner winner chicken dinner.

5. Blogilates

I’m quite obsessed with Blogilates. Cassey Ho, the Blogilates founder, is the most enthusiastic person on this planet and her enthusiasm is surprisingly contagious. She has hundreds of videos and they’re all quite specific, so have a look and see what you’re keen on. Here’s a cardio dance workout that is all kinds of awesome…

6. Prancercise

How could I not include it. Seriously. Forget everything I just told you, this video is my life.

Do you watch – and do – YouTube workout videos? What’s your preferred method of exercise?