“This advice saved me from self-imploding”: 15 women share their one tip for bridesmaids.

If you've ever been a bridesmaid for someone you love, then you'd know what a worthwhile experience it is. However, there's no denying it's a stressful role which can also be costly and time-consuming. 

With that being said, the role of a bridesmaid is a tough one, so we asked 15 women to share with us the lessons they learned, what they'd do over again and the biggest piece of advice they found most helpful when taking on the gig.

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Here's what they had to say. 

Claire: "Have a running sheet for the day with times on it. Make sure each bridesmaid knows who is having their hair and makeup done and in what order. Organise lipstick colours before the day if possible to pack for touch-ups."

Sherry: "Pack safety pins. My sister had her train buttons break before her first dance, so we safety pinned it up for her. Pack some hydrating sports drinks - while taking photos and waiting for the ceremony/reception, people forget to drink water, so make sure everyone hydrates. Pack a first aid kit with some hay fever tablets, headache or anti nausea pills - my doctor sister made this up and it came in handy for guests who weren't expecting how much pollen there was in the air that day. And bring a change of shoes. After pictures, no one cares what's on your feet, so be comfortable.


Write out your packing list the night before so you can tick it all off as you go in the morning. Or better yet, pack as much as possible the day before with a list of things to bring that morning."

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Lucinda: "Definitely pack snacks, and also make sure they end up in the right car! We took great pains to be prepared, but the esky ended up in a car going to the reception and not the photos. We were all starving by the time we got to the reception!"

Mary: "A friend was in a wedding recently. The bride said they could pick their dresses, but the only request was that they had to be in autumn colours. All the girls looked beautiful - they were different styles and colours, but it worked! They all looked so happy and I think part of that was because they all felt beautiful in what they were wearing... To have that freedom to pick something you love is wonderful."

Katie: "Don't talk about what you would do for your wedding – especially if it's the opposite to what the bride is doing. One of the bridesmaids to my mate did that, and it was suuuuper awkward. The bride was having a wedding of 90 people, and the bridesmaid said, 'Gosh, I would never have more than 10 people at my wedding. Anyone who has more than that is just doing it for show. There's no romance in a big crowd'." 


Jacqui: "The bride's style won't always be your style - just go with it! Wear what they ask you to with a smile on your face."

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Sharon: "I was basically told by my mum, 'this wedding is not about you'. She went on to explain that it's about my friend who I am supporting. You are about as memorable as the bouquet to these people, who are specifically here to celebrate the love of the couple. So smile, be cordial and stop worrying about how you look all the time! That advice saved me from self-imploding."

Kat: "Don't leave the bride to fix her dress herself if she has a train. Keep your eye on her like a hawk! I was a bridesmaid for my best friend and she is not a bridezilla at all, but she made it very clear she wouldn't be happy if we didn't watch the train. We missed a few key moments where the dress was a little wonky; thankfully she has a sense of humour."

Andi: "Just do whatever you're told by the one calling the shots, because the fewer opinions the better. Get the bride to be explicit with what she wants, but maybe temper her expectations as people have their own s**t going on. Sometimes a five-day-long hen's party isn't going to be... achievable."


Leisel: "If there is any tension in the 'bride tribe', the bride doesn't want to know about it - she's busy, stressed and anxious and she doesn't need you venting about it to her. Try to keep things upbeat, smile through it and save the drama."

Emma: "I'm a first-time bridesmaid in training and learning that things that seem super petty to some of us might actually mean the world to the bride. This means you need to be sensitive about what you say to her."

Olivia: "Be prepared to spend a fortune, and as 'chill' as the bride is, she isn't."

Shan: "You likely will not be the most responsible or organised one there, so don't try to be. Listen to the person that is."

Rose: "I've been a bridesmaid twice and I think I would say to myself: you've got to be prepared to treat it like a job and a gift to your friend in itself. Weddings mean different things to different people and you might end up doing a lot of work or activities you wouldn't normally do, but it's okay if you love your friend." 

Kelsey: "Try to make sure your bride and fellow bridesmaids have a snack or at least drink something other than wine or alcohol before walking down the aisle - it will set your toxic butterflies at ease!"

What is your best bridesmaid advice? Share with us in the comments below. 

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