Here are the most popular bridesmaids' dress colours for 2022.

At one point in our lives, many of us will be asked to be a bridesmaid. And often what comes with it is a whole lot of stress, organisation, celebration and (hopefully) a fabulous dress to make up for all the chaos!

And given there are a hefty amount of couples getting hitched in 2022, it's time to start researching wedding trends.

Shapes, styles, material, lengths - there's a lot to consider. So we're here to help narrow down the search for the perfect bridesmaid dress for you and the rest of the bridal party.

Going off the latest trends across the fashion industry down under, we've collated a list of the five most popular bridesmaids' dress colours for 2022, and some fabulous examples for inspiration.

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1. Olive and sage bridesmaids' dresses.

Nothing screams sophistication more than a silky sage green bridesmaid dress. It's a colour that consumers were obsessed with in 2021, and it appears that adoration is showing no signs of stopping in 2022. Sage green looks fabulous in a variety of fabrics - like linen and silk blends - and it also complements a range of skin tones, which we love!

Chancery Tash maxi dress in sage green, $79.

Image: The Iconic


Shona Joy La Lune cocktail midi dress in sage, $340.

Image: Shona Joy.

ASOS DESIGN curve bridesmaid pleated flutter sleeve maxi dress with satin wrap waist in olive, $170.

Image: ASOS.


Anaya With Love Plus bridesmaid tulle one shoulder maxi dress in sage green, $144.

Image: ASOS

2. Dusty blue bridesmaids' dresses.

You just can't go wrong with a dusty blue bridesmaid dress. It's something both you and the bride will look back on wedding photos and admire, given it's such a classic colour palette that will not age. 

It's also a colour that photographs amazingly (hot pro tip). 

Hello Molly Jane midi dress in dusty blue, $85.

Image: Hello Molly


SHOWPO Felt so happy dress in dusty blue, $109.95.

Image: SHOWPO.

Reformation Evelyn dress in mineral, $560.

Image: Reformation.


ASOS DESIGN curve plunge tuck wrap midi dress in duck egg, $100.

Image: ASOS.

3. Pale yellow bridemaids' dresses.

Next up is a bit of a fun option. 

A pale yellow bridesmaid dress would look fabulous for a beach-themed wedding, or a summer/spring ceremony. Not to mention it's just a very warm and cheerful colour that will provide an edge and uniqueness to the bridal party.

BY JOHNNY Penelope strapless mini dress in lemon, $450.

Image: The Iconic


RUNAWAY THE LABEL Leila slip dress in marigold, $119.

Image: The Iconic

City Chic Sweetly tiered dress in limoncello, $91.

Image: City Chic.


4. Sand tones and neutral bridesmaids' dresses.

For those who would prefer something a bit more elegant, simple and timeless, you cannot go wrong with neutral tones. 

And when it comes to this option, you have some variety depending on what works best for each of the bridesmaid's skin tones. Beige, a shimmery rose gold, camel, tan, taupe, blush pink: the choice is yours!

BEC + BRIDGE The dreamer overlay dress in golden, $350.


ASOS Bridesmaid pleated wrap detail maxi dress in mink, $130.

Image: ASOS


Fayt The Label Selta linen maxi dress in cream, $99.95.

Image: Fayt The Label

Shona Joy La Lune bow tie maxi dress in desert rose, $360.

Image: Shona Joy


5. White bridesmaids' dresses.

Last but definitely not least we have a bit of a potentially controversial colour: white. Yep, we said it.

Lots of brides in 2022 and recent years have opted for their bridesmaids to wear white - obviously a far more understated and simple dress compared to the bride's outfit is usually selected, but that doesn't mean white dress bridesmaids can't still demand a little attention on the big day!

Little Party Dress Sonia white dress, $50.

Image: Little Party Dress.

LOVER Quinn slip dress white, $280.

Image: The Iconic


SAVEL Avery wrap dress white, $149.95.

Image: The Iconic

What's your favourite bridesmaid dress colour? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Mamamia/ BEC + BRIDGE/The Iconic/ASOS/Showpo.

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