The 'bouncing spoon' is the sex position every woman needs to try.


Get ready to send this story to your partner, we’ve got a brand spanking (not literally) new sex position for you.

The position takes two old classics – reverse cowgirl and spooning – and combines them into a position that’s promising women more orgasms.

Take note, people.

Aptly named the ‘bouncing spoon’, this position basically involves spooning – but not in the way you’re used to.

Instead of cuddling lying down, the man sits up against the headboard while the woman also sits up and leans against her partner in a ‘reverse cowgirl’ style position.

Still confused? You can check out a handy illustration right here.


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Unlike the regular spooning sex position which can limit movement, the addition of a ‘reverse cowgirl stance’ provides a lot more stimulation.

Not only that, according to Bad Girls Bible, the bouncing spoon is a big plus for women who struggle to orgasm.

“If you’re looking for something intimate, especially while watching a movie/TV in bed, then this is a great position, especially when you lean right back into your man and he wraps his arms around you,” Bad Girls Bible explained.

Yep, that’s Netflix, cuddling AND sex combined.

See, we told you you’d want to send this to your partner.

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