'I just finished reading The Vicious Lost Boys. Now I'm on the hunt for more reverse harem books.'

Harems. According to my colleagues, I've been talking about them a lot lately. And look, they're not wrong, but it's only because I've recently discovered reverse harems (bear with me) — and it's all down to a series of books I devoured recently.

I was looking for some more spicy fantasy to fill the void that finishing Sarah J Maas' latest book had left, and stumbled on The Vicious Lost Boys series, by Nikki St Crowe. It's a reimagining of the tale of Peter Pan and Wendy — and when I say 'reimagining', I mean the only bits you'll recognise from your childhood are the names, because this dark, twisted, wildly dark and saucy take is... next level. 

Make no mistake. This is pure, delightful smut.

There is a plot, but it doesn't... matter (?) because this is really a book that explores a specific sexual fantasy in alarming detail. And I say that without judgment. I mean, I was hooked. I read the entire first book (The Never King) within a couple of hours.

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After I finished reading and took a cold shower, I immediately text a friend whose taste in books is a perfect match for my own and asked if she'd read it.


Her: "Lol yeah, I've been on my RH s**t for ages."

Me: "RH? Wot?"

Her: "Reverse harem. It's a whole thing..."

And so began my entry into the world of the 'reverse harem' literature (is it... literature?) subgenre. And, wow. What a ride. 

(Just a content warning if you decide to give The Vicious Lost Boys a read — it is dark. I mean... very. This is literally pulled from the author's pages: [This book contains] mental illness, smoking, graphic/rough sex, sex in public, group sex, DubCon, graphic violence, graphic language, captive/captivity, degradation, submission, bondage/ropes, spanking, blood play, choking, CNC. So... v. adult themes.)

What is the reverse harem genre?

Also known as 'why choose', it's a genre focusing on what the opposite of many might consider a 'traditional' harem (a man with lots of wives or girlfriends). Ie, a woman with lots of boyfriends or love interests. From my personal experience (of... one entire series), it's been a very hetero vibe, but according to The Internet (aka knower of all things), there are queer RH reads around, too.

The women in RH books might be ~intimate~ with any of the men in her harem or, quite frequently, with any number of them at once. Because... why choose?

Reverse harems are less something that exist in reality (that I'm aware of, anyway) and more of an erotic fantasy genre. Although that's not to say that actual "reverse harems" don't exist anywhere... But for now, we're just focusing on the make-believe group romps.


So! Now you know what I'm banging on about, please join me on my journey to find more ridiculously hot reads involving (fully consenting) main characters being utterly adored by numerous (fully aware) men.

Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning.

Four Psychos, by Kristy Cunning. Image: Amazon.

This is at the top of my 'read next' list, and with the villian-as-love-interest trope, it sounds right up my alley. According to those who've read and loved this one, it's about four hot guys who work for Hell, preventing damned souls from escaping. They all live together in a big ol' house that is haunted by a ghost girl and, yeah, okay, the more I write the crazier this sounds. But as one reviewer shared, "I just didn't know that I needed a book about four man-whores and their ghost-girl protector. But, life often works out that way, doesn't it?" True dat.


Faking With Benefits by Lily Gold. 

Faking With Benefits, by Lily Gold. Image: Amazon.

For me, it's all about the mix of magic and smut, but I know that's not everyone's vibe so for the sake of the girlies who like their porn-with-a-plot planted in reality, this sounds like a winner. Cute. Light-hearted. Think: rom-com with several sides helpings of group sex. Main character Layla is 28 and, according to her, undateable — but luckily, she has three (insanely hot) guy friends who agree to be her "fake boyfriends" to teach her how to make it in the world of romance. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out where it's heading, but with a friends-to-lovers tilt on the 'why choose' genre (without some of the more dark and twisted aspects that many RH fantasy books seem to favour), this sounds fun.


Trickery (Curse of the Gods Book 1) by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington.

Trickery, by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. Image: Amazon.


Look, reviews were mixed for this one, but it sounds like my kind of fantasy smut with an irreverent heroine and some juicy all-in sex scenes, so I'm adding it to my list. It is a full-length, 90,000-word novel, so it'll take some commitment, but for the promise of a clumsy, likeable, funny MC, I'm prepared to give it a whirl. Willa is a "dweller" and basically, that puts her social standing at around that of pond scum. She's sent to the most powerful academy for would-be gods and ends up in servitude to the magical, powerful (insanely hot) Abcurse brothers. And if you're thinking it sounds a bit ick, consider this review: "In the beginning I was a little put out, because I was getting a whole damsel in distress vibe, but as you read on you realise Willa Knight is no damsel in distress. She knows how to take charge, she knows how to make herself heard, and unlike the other dwellers she doesn't let herself be put down." Sold. 

Lotto Men by Ann Denton.

Lotto Men, by Ann Denton. Image: GoodReads.


I have it on good authority that the spice level in this one is mild to medium, so if you're looking something that's a bit of fun and not too heavy on the sex, this might be more your pace. Katie's best friend Heather wins the lotto to the tune to $150 million, and you know what that amount of money buys you? A harem (apparently), which has always been Heather's dream. And she's enlisted Katie to plan the whole shebang. "My best friend wants a frickin’ harem. In real life. And she wants me to help her get it. I’ve always dreamed of being a party planner. And now my dreams are becoming a warped reality. A private island. Ten guys competing for a spot in Heather's harem." It's basically The R18 Bachelorette.

Gypsy Blood by Kristy Cunning.

Gypsy Blood, by Kristy Cunning. Image: Amazon.This review on GoodReads was all I needed to add this to my TBR: "Gotta be honest, I was expecting full on monster smut... What I got was a slowburning, worldbuilding, plot featuring hot alpha monsters, where a gypsy girl moves to small town to find out that every myth… is real. And now they won’t leave her alone." 


Enough said.

Pillow Talk by Maya Banks.

Pillow Talk, by Maya banks. Image: GoodReads.


Another non-fantasy RH pick (don't say I do nothing for you, fantasy haters), this novella follows Zoe, who lives with her hot fireman boyfriend Chase and his hot fireman mates, Brody and Tate. Again, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where this is going to go given it's clearly labelled 'why choose', but heck if it doesn't sound like some steamy fun. Chase's fantasy, as it turns out, is to see a little something go down with his besties. And as luck would have it, it's Zoe's fantasy too (wow, they are so well matched, how cute). Let the group sex begin. 

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Feature image: Supplied; Amazon; GoodReads.

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