LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'People always ask me for the best chemist beauty buys. Here's what I get.'

I feel like I lead a double life. On the days I work at Mamamia I like to think I’m ‘put together’ and look somewhat stylish, whereas on the two days a week I have my son I get around in a tracksuit and a dirty high pony.

Anyway, one of my favourite things to do on those two ‘mumming’ days is to go to the chemist. 

It might be Terry White. Or Priceline. Or Chemist Warehouse. Or, realistically, a combination of all of them along my local shopping strip.

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I bloody LOVE a pharmacy. It’s the literal first place I go when I land at any overseas destination (sigh, remember travel?). I lose track of time staring at all the bottles of lotions and potions and powders and palettes on the shelves. And having a toddler is great because it totally enables my chemist addiction. Kids always need Nurofen or wipes or a script and I’m like, "oh dear, looks like we need to spend today buying 48 beauty products to go along with that box of kids’ Panadol."

One of those days occurred earlier in the week, so I thought I’d share my haul with you.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume, $16.95.

Cica is a really effective ingredient for healing and soothing. My skin feels tight and dry right now (it’s sooo cold) so I grabbed this tube to pop on my dehydrated bits. It’s for kids and babies, too, so I’m keeping it in my baby bag. It has been great on my cuticles and on my son’s wind-burnt cheeks when playing at the park.

Image: Chemist Warehouse.


Bourjois Brow Reveal, $22

I’m obsessed with finding the best brow pencil. I like them thin and precise so I can use them to ‘flick’ through my brows and mimic hair. This one’s a winner. I wear shade ‘brown’. 

Image: Priceline. 

Flawless Finishing Touch Face, $39.95.

Kelly and I often chat on the You Beauty podcast about how we both like to shave our face for flawless makeup application. I’m a bit ad-hoc with it, but I always make sure I keep on top of my moustache situation by either having it waxed when I get my brows done, or by maintaining at home. Kelly recommended this product (or one similar) so I thought I’d give it a crack. It’s like a chic electric razor for women (though I am sure men could use it too, depending on how coarse their hair is). It’s easy to use and effective! I’m impressed. 

Image: Chemist Warehouse.


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Revolution X Friends Ross Palette, $16

Big LOL that Revolution has collaborated with the TV show Friends and of all the products in the range, I bought the Ross eyeshadow set. Revolution is fantastic quality for the price and the earthy shades and neutral shimmers are so nice. A timeless palette. 

Image: Priceline. 

Vaseline Colloidal Oatmeal Soothing Body Lotion, $11.95

I’m a sucker for an affordable but effective body lotion. I literally have nine pump packs going all at once. I hadn't seen this one before so popped it in my basket. Colloidal oatmeal is ace for soothing itchy skin, which happens to my legs in winter if I don't hydrate often enough (which is all the time because I’m perpetually tired and lazy.)

Image: Priceline. 


Le Tan Instant Wash Off Spray Coconut Water, $14.99

My theory about tanning in winter is a bit like the falling tree in the forest - if no one saw it, did it happen? I can’t be bothered unless my decolletage, arms or legs will be on show, so I hunted through the wash-off tan products and chose this one. I’ll use it straight up as a spray on my legs, but for my arms and chest I’ll mix some of the spray in the palm of my hand with some body moisturiser to dilute it a bit. 

Image: Chemist Warehouse.

What are your favourite beauty buys from the pharmacy? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Supplied/Chemist Warehouse/Priceline.