LEIGH CAMPBELL: 7 of my best beauty tips for tired mums.

Let's get straight to the point because I know you're busy: this is a list of my top tired-mum beauty tips, all learned from personal experience.

And the good news is they are equally as effective for all exhausted humans and people who want to look more alive than they feel in general. 

You're welcome!

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Ditch the powders.

When you’re tired, lacking in sleep or feeling fatigued, it can show on your face because the world is a cruel place like that. 

Personally, if I’m spent, I'm usually dehydrated too (did you know that insufficient water intake leads to less energy? Grab your water bottle and take a swig right now). 

For that reason I skip any powders in my routine - think blush, setting powder and bronzer - and replace them with creams and liquids instead.

Powders tend to ‘grab’ to dry bits, whereas the finish of creams and liquids is more luminous and therefore more flattering.

Try: NARS Sunkissed Bronzing Cream, $58


Add a drop of oil.

Elaborating on the above, I also add fake glow to my face by mixing one drop of face oil to my day cream (if I’m not wearing makeup) or foundation (if I am). Any face oil will do, like jojoba or rosehip - and it’ll help plump your tired raisin head back into a semi acceptable form of yourself.

Try: Smoosh Skin Nourish Oil Serum, $52

Curl your lashes.

I am shocked and amazed at how few people curl their lashes. 

Truly, it's one of the biggest crimes against a fresh face. In the early days of having a newborn I would curl my lashes even if I didn't put mascara on because the result was more wide awake eyes (even if behind them I felt dead inside). I always, always curl before mascara - the difference is so epic. If you haven't tried it please do and report back. I’ll wait here. 


Try: Morphe Eyelash Curler, $15

Avoid eyeliner…

Dark liner on tired eyes can make them look darker, smaller and more reflective of your mental state. If you’re exhausted, I suggest ditching black liner (and the added bonus is you'll have less makeup to remove come your beloved bedtime). 

...Unless it’s nude.

Might I suggest replacing your black kohl with a beige or ‘nude’ pencil on the inner rim instead? It covers over any redness, which is common in the eyes if you’re lacking sleep, and fakes a fresh set of peepers. Just a swipe on the lower lash line is all you need, and I personally avoid stark white because it’s a little too obvious. 

Try: Mecca Max Eyeliner Pencil In Wake Up Call, $14 


Cream blush is your friend.

A subtle light-reflecting cream or liquid blush on the cheeks where you’d naturally flush is probably the fastest way to wake up your complexion. The result is a bit of colour in the face that makes you look more alive. Fake it til you make it, right?

Try: Rimmel Jelly Blush in Peach Punch, $14.95

Fake tan can work miracles.

This is a personal tip and I acknowledge that fake tan isn't for everyone. For me, when all else fails, I grab some tanning drops, mix them into my night cream and slap the concoction on my face before bed. The next morning I find the very subtle hint of colour to my complexion takes the edge off how crappy I feel. And when you look good-er, you feel (a bit) better. It’s a fact. 

Try: Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops, $40.  


Tell me, what’s your favourite tip for faking a fresh, happy face? Leave a comment below!

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