"All other jeans are dead to me": 30 women share their favourite pair of jeans, for every budget.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task.

There are so many aspects to consider - from colour to cut and, of course, cost. 

But when you do eventually find that pair, you’ll wear them to death and it’ll all be worth it.

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We asked 30 women with varying heights, budgets and body shapes to share their favourites and why they tick all the essential boxes.

Here they are in all their glory.

Cotton On Mom Jeans, $49.99.

"These have become my staple black jeans. They somehow find the perfect balance between fitted and roomy, meaning I can pair them with tight or loose tops." - Katie.

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Good American Good Classic Jeans, $275.

"Good American by Khloé Kardashian! They are expensive but easily the best jeans I've ever worn. I always have to get jeans altered but not these." - Maggie.

Image: The Iconic.


City Chic Asha Regular Highrise Skinny Jean, $99.95.

"This is a plus size recommendation. The City Chic Asha jeans! I have them in a few colours. They’re so comfy! They’re a nice high rise, with the adjustable little buttons in the waist area. They also don’t gape much at the back, which is one of my must-haves in denim. Jeans are one thing that City Chic never has on sale, but for me, they’re totally worth it." - Nirusha.

Image: City Chic.


Hera Denim Freya Jeans, $289.

"Full disclosure: These jeans are spendy. They're also very limited because they're made in small batches from the highest quality Japanese denim. Crucially, though, they're designed for women with smaller waists and curvy hips, inspired by the founder's experience with struggling to find jeans she loved that fit her properly. Can confirm: They're the most comfortable, flattering, easy-wearing jeans I've ever owned. And my search for holy grail denim has been long and arduous." - Tamara.

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Decjuba Riley Skinny Jean, $89.95.

"Ok, Decjuba's Riley jeans. I'm a size 4-6 and only 160cm and I can NEVER find jeans that fit. The Rileys are SUPER comfy and only had to be taken up a smidge, plus there are different styles depending on how casual you want to go. I've had mine for over two years." - Fiona.

"I LOVE the Decjuba Riley jeans. The flat front is so flattering if you’re at all self-conscious about your tummy. And they [have] just the right amount of stretch to make them comfortable but also flattering and shaping!" - Emma.

"Decjuba jeans are so comfortable." - Jacquelyn.

"The Riley Jean from Decjuba are by far the best pair of jeans that I have ever found. They are stretchy, just high waisted enough, [are] reasonably affordable and I cannot wear anything else now. All other jeans are dead to me." - Emily.

"The Riley jeans from Decjuba are the best! So comfy and flattering." - Sophie.

Image: Decjuba.


Abrand A '94 High Slim Jeans, $99.95.

"These Abrand jeans are winners in the Mamamia office - our beauty writer bought them first, then I did and now our editor owns them! They're just good. The style comes in so many colours and a petite length (ideal for short women like me). I bought the dark indigo, which is perfect for winter and nights out." - Charlotte.

Image: Supplied.


Target Sophie Skinny High Rise Ankle Length Jeans, $39.

"Target Sophie jeans! Great price, super comfortable, perfect length and waist height." - Nicole.

"[I] only wear Sophie!! These are fantastic." - Amber.

"Another vote for Sophie! Good price and various washes and lengths." - Rose.

"Just got my first pair and they are super comfy." - Karin.

Image: Target.


Witchery Stella Slim Leg Jeans, $129.95.

"I actually tried these jeans on accidentally – I was just looking for some bottoms to try on with some tops in the store. But I put them on and was like WOAH. These are so comfy and make my legs look longer than they are, and seeing as buying jeans can be such a punish, I just seized the opportunity to nab these to save myself a future hunt." - Katie.

Image: Supplied.


Nobody Denim Frankie Ankle Comfort Jeans, $239.

"I’m a size 6-8, with a small waist compared to [my] bum and thighs. These jeans are unbelievable - perfect amount of stretch they but look like rigid denim. They're also straight leg, high rise and have a great range of washes without fraying. Best jeans I’ve ever bought. Just bought them in two more colours!" - Madeleine.

"I only wear Nobody jeans. I stock up at their annual warehouse sale." - Jia.

"Bought one pair and swiftly bought another two when they were next on sale." - Pippy.

"Nobody Denim! The only jeans long enough to cover my ankles." - Danae.


"I just got my first pair of Nobody Denim jeans and I’m in love - they're comfy, fit well and I wore them all weekend and they didn’t sag." - Emma.

Image: The Iconic.

Zara Mom Jeans, $65.95.

"Despite owning various light wash blue jeans, I keep coming back to these from Zara. Not only are they affordable, but they keep their shape and the colour doesn't fade. Unlike my straight leg pair, these have a curve at the hip that tapers down at the ankles, making them look flattering but feel roomy and comfortable. I wear them 2-3 times a week." - Charlotte.


Image: Supplied.

Cotton On High Rise Cropped Skinny Jean, $49.99.

"As someone who is very short and curvy, I hated wearing jeans for YEARS until I found these ones. Now I live in them and own literally five pairs." - Rachael.

"Super affordable, I always get compliments on them. They are in-between a firm and stretch denim." - Grace.


"I have a pair of these as well. They are great!" - Clare.

"Cotton On are the only high waisted jeans I've found that are high enough to cover my belly button... 12/10 recommend! My waist has never looked so good." Alanna.

Image: Cotton On.

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans, $119.95.

"I had never contemplated high rise until I was trying on jeans at a store in the USA years back. The shop attendant convinced me to try on high rise and when I did, she remarked (in an awesome accent), 'Damn girl, your bum looks so good in those!' No more plumber’s crack! High rise all the way." - Sarah.


Image: Levi's.

ASOS DESIGN Tall High Rise Ridley Skinny Jeans, $56.

"I love the tall range from ASOS. As a 6”2 girl who is all leg, shopping for jeans and other pants is life’s greatest frustration. I have never in my life been able to just walk into a store and buy a pair of jeans that doesn’t look like I’m awaiting a flash flood." - Jess.


"ASOS Tall has been a game-changer for me. Their tall jeans come in two lengths, 36” and 38” leg, in a large variety of styles. I am 33 years old and have NEVER had so much choice at my fingertips for jeans! Styles, colours, waist type, wash etc. I love their high-waisted ‘Ridley’ and ‘Sculpt Me’ ranges - high waisted, hold you in in the right places without being suffocating, soft stretch denim and so comfy. I can pair them with any type of shoe or boot just like anyone else!" - Kylie.

"Definitely the Asos Ridley high waisted jeans." - Hayley.

Image: ASOS.


Freddy WR.UP® Denim, $239.

"They're pricey but feel like you're not wearing jeans at all. Wish I still fit into mine but contemplating lashing out for another pair." - Leesh.

Image: Freddy.

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Freddys are the only denim I wear. They are honestly as soft as they say, and the best part is that they don't stretch out of shape the way some pants