The $6 cream bronzer that blends better than our high-end fave.

A good bronzer is almost as tricky to find as a good foundation

There. We said it.

Along with finding the right shade, you want an easy-wearing formula that's super creamy, blends well and doesn't upset your foundation underneath. 

A tall order? Maybe. But life is too short for s**t makeup, friends — and approximately no one wants to drop $75 on a bronzer that's sub-par. 

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The good news? Our You Beauty hosts Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren have just discovered a savey cream bronzer that trumps some of our expensive favourites.

And if it's one thing we love right now (see: financial crisis), it's an affordable dupe!

In our favourite segment of the week, the pair dished out their favourite spendy and savey products (always pervy).

As Leigh shared, she came across a savey Kmart dupe that just might be better than some luxury options on the market. 

Intrigued? Of course you are! We all are.

She shared, "I recently moved houses, so I've basically been at Kmart at least once a week, of course."


"But I found something in the beauty section — it's the OXX Cosmetic Cream Bronzer in 'Light Brown'. And it's $6."

Image: Kmart/Canva.

"I have a love hate relationship with cream formulas, and I've tried quite a few. But when I'm in a rush, I always just revert back to powder because it's easier. But for $6, I thought I'd give it a go.

"And, bless you, Kmart. I can't get over how good it is," she said.


"I chose the colour 'light brown'. There's various shades, and it is super creamy, sets down to like a glowy, velvet finish. So, it's not set set, but it doesn't smudge everywhere. You have heaps of working time. It's so beautiful."


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Kelly then chimed in to ask the one question we were all thinking: 

How does it compare to the spendy options out there? Is it just as good??

"Imagine if it compares to Westman Atelier or Nudestix," said Kelly.

Soooo... does it?

Well, according to Leigh, the affordable OXX formula actually blends better than some of her high end faves – and yes please, get in the car. We're going to Kmart.

She said, "It's easy to blend. And I know, because I'm not a good blender!"

We love to see it.

Is it just us, or is Kmart is just killing it in the beauty game lately?! It just goes to show, you don't always have to spend big on makeup products. 

There are so many golden nuggets out there that are half the price and work just as well (if not, better!).

Happy shopping!

Have you tried any of Kmart's beauty products before? What are your favourites? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: YouBeauty/Mamamia.