The 7 new books everyone's reading right now.

It's the first month of the year which means we're all still extremely optimistic that we're going to hit our reading goal for 2024. I've set myself a goal of 35 books this year when last year I read... 13 (there is no shame in the reading game). 

I realised one of my biggest struggles last year was figuring out which book to pick up next. 

My friends would all be really excited to read the latest release, but by the time I got to it - and wanted to talk about it - they were on to the next bestseller. 

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So this year, I'm preparing myself to be the 'book trend-setter' in my friendship group. 

I've made a list of the most anticipated books that are being released in January 2024 so we can all be ahead of the game and smash (rather, attempt) our reading goals this year. 

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston.

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston. Source: Booktopia


We are starting off strong with a Reese's Book Club pick written by International Thriller Writers Awards finalist, Ashely Elston. The mystery-thriller follows Evie Porter who seems to have the perfect life (definitely a life I would very much like). 

She's got the whole shebang: A beautiful house, an Instagram-perfect friendship group (imagining Taylor Swift's girl squad) and, of course, a boyfriend that ticks all the boxes. The catch? Evie doesn't actually exist. 

I can smell the upcoming movie deal already. 

Release date: Available now.  


Love, Just In by Natalie Murray. 

Love, Just In by Natalie Murray. Source: Booktopia

Aussie romance author, Natalie Murray has kindly given us a brilliant summer read to kick off the year. Love, Just In is set in Newcastle and explores the life of TV news reporter Josie Larsen. 

Everything is going wrong for poor Josie. She's found herself in dangerous waters... approaching 30 years old (same). She's perpetually single (same), feels lost in her workplace (same) and now has to compete with Zac Jameson who works in the same industry and has claimed Newcastle as his territory. 


Do I sense an enemies-to-lovers plot? Since the book sounds like my memoir, I really hope so. 

Release date: Available now.  

Come and Get It by Keily Reid.

Come & Get It by Kiley Reid. Source: Booktopia

New York Times best-selling author Kiley Reid has the entire book world on the edge of their seats as we all wait in anticipation for Come and Get It to be released. If you aren't familiar with Reid's work I highly recommend you get your eyes across her novel Such a Fun Age. 


Come and Get It follows the lives of two women. Millie who's currently studying and trying to save money so that she can buy a house when she graduates, and Agatha, a writer working on a new book about money and weddings. 

This line in the blurb has convinced me to put this one on pre-order: 

"Come and Get It takes a lens to our money-obsessed society in a tension-filled story about desire, consumption and bad behaviour." Yes please. 

Release date: January 30, 2024.

Foul Play by Fiona McIntosh.

Foul Play by Fiona McIntosh. Source: Booktopia  


Foul Play is Booktopia's book of the month. Written by Australian Author Fiona McIntosh, the crime-thriller novel was only released this week and has already made it on the top trending list. 

Foul Play is part of McIntosh's successful Detective Jack Hawksworth series and this new release is about the world of extremely successful male athletes, blackmail and extortion. *Adds to cart. 

Release date: Available now. 

The Search Party by Hannah Richell.

The Search Party by Hannah Richell. Source: Booktopia


Hannah Richell is the best of the best when it comes to writing about dark family secrets that keeps your eyes glued to every single page.

Her new novel The Search Party focuses on a group of five friends who have planned and set out on a picture-perfect glamping holiday. However, a storm hits the coast of Cornwall... exactly where they're setting up camp. Oh, and someone in the group goes missing. 

If it's anything like Hannah Richell's previous novels, this book will have us riding on adrenaline. 

Release date: Available now. 

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan.

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan. Source: Booktopia


Debut author Vanessa Chan's historical novel has had some powerful industry reviews, making bookworms excited to get their hands on a copy of The Storm We Made. 

Set in Japanese-occupied Malaysia (1945), the story revolves around Cecily Alcantara and her drive to change her destiny and the future for herself and her children while trying to survive the brutalities of a colonisation and war. 

Release date: Available now. 

Naomi Osaka: Her Journey to Finding Her Power and Her Voice by Ben Rothenberg.

Naomi Osaka by Ben Rothenberg. Source: Google books


A very exciting biography about Japanese star tennis player Naomi Osaka has just hit our bookstores. Sports writer Ben Rothenberg and author of this biography has been covering Naomi's career since 2014. 

This biography covers everything from the tennis player's explosion in popularity in 2018 when she famously won against Serena Williams, to her journey to finding her voice. 

Release date: Available now. 

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