'It's the best Aussie ice cream.' Streets ice creams ranked from hell no to God tier.

Here at Mamamia we love to rank things. 

It leads to deep analysis and reflection - yes, we're awfully high-brow. And nothing deserves greater thought than the topic of snacks. Most specifically ice creams. 

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Australia has some truly iconic ice creams on offer. But one brand in particular that so many of us have grown up with is none other than Streets.

You know the one with the giant friendly lion on the packaging who is often either wearing a safari suit or a rash shirt and board shorts. Now who doesn't love that?!

Below we rank the most iconic Streets ice creams from diabolical to the Australian dream. 

12. Bubble O Bill.

Bubble O Bill. Image: Streets.


There's a reason the face of this Bubble O Bill ice cream looks sad. It's because it knows deep down it's completely sh*t.

Growing up, this was the ice cream I would always pick simply because it came with a bubble gum nose that you could chew on after finishing the ice cream. But the ice cream itself, and the gum, were very, very bleak.

Is it worth getting an ice cream solely for the reason you get a bubble gum ball? No. We need better standards.

11. Banana Paddle Pop.

Banana Paddle Pop. Image: Streets.


Now don't get me wrong - I have nothing against the humble Paddle Pop. But a banana-flavoured Paddle Pop is just an utter nah. I love a banana smoothie, a banana cake, a banana bread. But when it comes to banana flavouring, the artificial vibes just aren't cutting it.

Now for Paddle Pop enthusiasts out there, they would already know that in 2012 Streets amended their recipe for the Banana Paddle Pop. And anecdotally speaking, this ruffled feathers among ice cream lovers who noticed a difference in the taste.

Has the Banana Paddle Pop recovered its reputation since? Sadly no. Nor does it deserve to.


10. Cornetto.

Cornetto. Image: Streets.

There is nothing more basic than a Cornetto.

The cone is dry. The ice cream is average at best. The nuts have no flavour. And the chocolate centre is redeeming, but not enough to make up for its other faults. A shame really.

9. Paddle Pop Icy Twist.

Paddle Pop Icy Twist. Image: Streets.


It's okay. A meh option.

There are plenty of other equally lovely icy poles on the market, and Street's Icy Twist simply doesn't stand out.

Extra points must be given for the texture of this icy pole, which isn't as watery as some others out there. Also, the shape is imaginative, and that's quite lovely. 


But it will never be number one. It's the Arnott's Milk Arrowroot of the Streets range - dependable but boring.

8. Calippos.

Calippos. Image: Streets.

Full shout out to Calippo for having good flavours. 

The lemon option is delightful and refreshing. The raspberry pineapple is fruity and sweet.

Where they lose points is the design. The top of the Calippo is way too big, and since it is icy, it means you cannot bite into it without experiencing a brain freeze. And as you make your way down the ice block, the cardboard packaging becomes awfully soggy which isn't a vibe.


7. Cyclone.

Cyclone: Image: Streets.

Cyclone is the underdog of Streets' offerings.

The colours are engaging, the flavours are great and it's super refreshing. 


And in case you were interested, the three flavours within the Cyclone are peach, pineapple and blueberry. Although to be fair, one of the biggest ingredients listed on the back of the packaging is reconstituted apple juice. But hey, as long as it's fruity and fun, there are no complaints here. 

6. Rainbow Paddle Pop.

Rainbow Paddle Pop. Image: Streets.

I can really thank TikTok for getting me back into liking Rainbow Paddle Pops.


It was only very very recently that I realised this Paddle Pop flavour is actually caramel. 

Did I think rainbow was an actual flavour? Yes. Am I embarrassed now? Slightly. But knowing now that Rainbow Paddle Pops are really caramel makes me feel far less silly and junior when I purchase them. And that's a win.

5. Splice Pine Lime. 

Splice Pine Lime. Image: Streets.


Now these are super nostalgic.

The Pine Lime flavour may not be a hit amongst everyone, but for those who can get around the nuclear-green colour and sour tang, they're seriously good. Also, the ice cream inside is seriously delicious, especially when you get an even mouthful of the lime ice block mixed with the dairy centre. 

But do they deserve top-tier status? Not quite. 

4. Chocolate Paddle Pop.

Chocolate Paddle Pop. Image: Streets.


Everyone loves a Choccy Paddle Pop surely. They're a classic, taste like a frozen chocolate milkshake, and are a very more-ish snack. However, there lies the problem. 

When eating a Paddle Pop, it feels like you only have three bites before it's finished. And that's just not conducive to a quality ice cream eating experience. 

3. Magnums.

Magnums. Image: Streets.


Magnums are an absolute staple in Aussie freezers and for good reason.

Compared with some of the other ice creams behind Streets (no judgement), Magnums are one of the better quality options. 

Now of course there's plenty of gourmet and interesting flavour profiles to choose from these days from Magnum. But the staples - we're talking the classic and almond - are seriously good and should be celebrated more. 

2. Golden Gaytime.

Golden Gaytime. Image: Streets.


A worthy, worthy second place. I wish we could give out an equal first place, but alas that just isn't possible.

There is something about the Golden Gaytime that absolutely delivers. Even the name itself makes you want to jump up, have a dance, and spread happiness. 

But the Gaytime itself is a bit of an enigma in flavour. Does it have a real definitive taste? Not massively. But perhaps that's what makes it so unique and bloody brilliant.

If you were intrigued to know, the Golden Gaytime itself is made from a combination of toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream, dipped in a choc coating and covered in delicious biscuits. Yum.

1. Weis Bars.

Weis Bars. Image: Streets.



Weis Bars are of course the best. No doubt about it.

Now there may be some contention around whether Weis Bars belong on this list, considering they aren't an OG Streets brand. But for many years now they've been owned and run by Streets after it was acquired from the Weis family (likely for a very sizeable sum).

You cannot go past the Mango Weis Bar, although I would happily sit back on a warm afternoon and eat any of the flavours. 

Nothing screams Aussie summer more like a Weis Bar. And that's why it will always take the gold.

What's your favourite Streets ice cream? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Streets/Mamamia.

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