'They have the best things.' Chrissie Swan on the very best products from ALDI.

Whether you go for the seasonal middle aisle 'big ticket' items or you just can't live without their particular brand of cheese cracker, we all know that ALDI has something for everyone. 

For me, it's the Moser Roth salted caramel chocolate and Veuve Monsigny Brut champagne because I fancy myself as a boujee woman on a budget.  

For TV and radio host Chrissie Swan, it's all about the hummus in the kilo tub.

"Sometimes there are things at ALDI that you would just cross the city for, as you can't buy it anywhere else because they have the best things," Chrissie says on the radio show she co-hosts with Jack Charles for Nova.

Video via Instagram/Chrissy Swan

For Jack and his family, it's all about the organic grass-fed eye fillet steak and my mouth is watering as I begin planning my dinner tonight.

A succession of callers to the show, suggest some other great ALDI products that Chrissie adds to her growing shopping list.

Lara calls in to recommend the $4.99 mac and cheese crumbed crispbake patties that her kids enjoy as a treat dinner on a Friday night.


Steph suggests the chilli flavour of ALDI's brand of kettle chips called Blackstone which retails for just $2.99 and Kylie recommends the $8.99 cheese and spinach frozen spanakopita that is curled up like a snake. 

Andrea, who Chrissie says is "doing God's work" by bringing her attention to this $4.29 bargain, says it's the ALDI Di-San washing deodoriser that she can't do without.

"It's amazing for school uniforms and synthetic fabric as they get really smelly under the arms and I just put a little tiny bit in with a wash - the same amount as a fabric softener," mum Andrea tells Chrissie and Jack.

"None of my kids' uniforms smell and it's actually nearly a quarter of the price of the same product you can buy in other shops!"

The discussion of favourite ALDI products also resonated with Chrissie's Instagram audience as hundreds of followers weighed in with their ALDI shopping tips.


"Why has no one mentioned the frozen roti bread? And the brioche buns - $3.60 for 4 brioche burger buns," One follower commented. 

Another was all about the Cartwheels biscuits believing them to be "100 per cent better than Wagon Wheels!" 

There were multiple shout-outs for the ALDI cheese selection, potato gratin, organic yoghurt and garlic dip.

I'm suddenly feeling hungry so excuse me while I go and start my shopping list. 

Thanks, Chrissie!

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Feature Image: Instagram/@thechrissieswanshow