The Bachelor's Bella Varelis has denied 'wanting to be an actress', and more in Celeb in 5.

1. "People like to fabricate stories." The Bachelor's Bella Varelis has denied 'wanting to be an actress'.

Bella Varelis wants everyone to know that she never wanted to be an actress. 

The Bachelor frontrunner responded to a negative comment made on The Wash Instagram account, which claimed she moved to LA and tried to make it in the industry.

"I've never moved to LA, I've never wanted or tried to be an actress in Australia, never wanted or tried to get work in LA and certainly am not acting on The Bachelor," Bella replied to the comment. 

"People like to fabricate stories in order to maintain some sort of relevance and feel important. It’s unfortunate that you and many other people have believed it but I can confirm – my tears weren’t acting, they were real (hence why you’d think it was bad acting – because it wasn’t acting at all)." 

The rumours all started when former Big Brother contestant Michael Beveridge told the Friendship Rose podcast that his ex-girlfriend told him that Bella was moving to LA to act. 

Michael, who used to run an influencer management company with his ex-girlfriend, called up his ex to ask if she was still managing Bella.

"She's like 'Well I still get her work, but she moved to LA.' She [Bella] was like 'I'm moving to LA because I want to be an actress'," Michael explained on the podcast.


Bella also responded to Instagram comments that she "slept around with Bachie boys" after she previously dated Bachelorette contestant Sam Johnston, who appeared on Georgia Love's season. 

"I dated my ex before he even did the show, some people see a few dots and like to try to connect them when they have absolutely no reason to be connected or justified."

Looks like another Bachie rumour has been put to bed. 

The Bachelor continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10. 

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2. "My heart was torn." Irena Srbinovska on briefly stepping away from The Bachelor.

It turns out Irena Srbinovska briefly stepped away from filming The Bachelor earlier this year. And it was for a very good reason. 

The 31-year-old told New Idea that she decided to go back to work as a nurse in Melbourne when production on the show temporarily shutdown in March, due to COVID-19.

"Hearing about what was happening in the world was heartbreaking, especially being a nurse," she told the publication. 

"My heart was torn – a part of me was selfishly devastated that the show was stopping, but then the other half was so eager to get back home and help fight COVID." 


While it wasn't easy saying goodbye to Locky and her fellow contestants, Irena said it was worth it. 

"It was hard saying goodbye to Locky and the girls, but also so rewarding that I could do my part to help out with the pandemic."  

Irena later returned to the show and there's lots of evidence that suggests she's the one who's going to win Locky's heart.   

3. Oh. It turns out Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause was named after... a petrol station.

If you've been watching Selling Sunset, you've probably also been questioning the pronunciation and origin of agent Chrishell Stause's name, and we don't blame you, because we have too.

Well, it turns out the quirky name actually comes from an even quirkier backstory involving an unexpected petrol station birth and an attendant working at the store. 

Yes, really. 


In season one of Selling Sunset, Chrishell (full name: Terrina Chrishell Stause) explained that her mother gave birth at a Shell petrol station while the store attendant, Chris, called for help.

To commemorate this wondrous occasion, her parents decided to morph the names of Chris - the petrol station attendant, and Shell, the petrol station together, birthing "Chrishell".

It's... wild.

4. Bachelor In Paradise's Helena has confirmed her new relationship with Australian sailor Tom Slingsby.

It looks like Bachelor in Paradise's Helena Sauzier has found love with Aussie sailor, Tom Slingsby.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram on Sunday night sharing two photos of her and Tom, captioning it "you got me hook, line and slinger," alongside a wink and rose emoji.


Tim shared a post of his own where he wrote "so lucky to have met this one".

We. Love. This. Couple.

5. Glowing penises and awkward distances: Mamamia recaps the 'covid-friendly' MTV VMAs.

This is awkward.

The MTV VMAs went ahead despite the... global pandemic, and if it seemed like a questionable decision BEFORE the show, well it was definitely questionable afterwards.

Masked and unmasked celebrities arrived in New York City (or dialled in virtually) for the first major awards show during the coronavirus pandemic and they probably wish they... hadn't.

Image: Getty. 

Sorry but we only like the VMAs because of meat dresses and celebrity reactions in the crowd we can then turn into memes.


The red carpet, usually one of the year's most ridiculous fashion events, only hosted a handful of stars who actually photographed their looks ahead of time. Mmhm, we were bamboozled, but DON'T WORRY, THERE WAS STILL A NIPPLE OR TWO.


It is still the VMAs, after all.

Actually, given the lack of speech faux pas and awkward pauses, we're guessing the whole thing was made earlier and cut together to appear fresh, but MTV have tried to pretend it was live.

We don't want to bring up trust issues but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's the best, worst and most confusing moments you missed from the night or... whenever they actually happened.

The men decided to dress as highlighters.

Stabilo called, and it has questions.


This man is allegedly called Machine Gun Kelly. Image: Getty. For our full recap of the MTV VMAs, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Instagram/@bellavarelis/Channel 10.