On the birthday of her twin boys, Bec Judd has shared photos from her high-risk c-section.


Two years ago today, Bec Judd delivered two healthy baby boys via a high risk c-section.

It gave the TV presenter and her former AFL player husband Chris Judd their twins Tom and Darcy.

Today, Saturday September 29, is their second birthday. To celebrate, 35-year-old Bec has shared two photos from the moments the boys were brought into the world.

“Birth is a miracle and my c-sec pics are pretty cool. My babies are two years old today,” the mum-of-four began.

‘The first pic is Tom who was head down and occupying the plum, exit spot for a couple of months. Darcy is the second pic, forced to hang out in the breach position with his head under my ribs for a lot of his time in utero and born arse first.”


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Bec went on to say she feels Tom, “born older, bigger and bossier”, still dominates his brother Darcy to this day.

“But Darcy is braver (insert crazier) and can kick the footy WAY better than Tom. Happy birthday my littlest loves. How lucky I am to be a twin mum.”

On September 29, 2016, Bec underwent a difficult c-section to deliver Tom and Darcy.

Previously speaking to Mamamia on the Hello Bump podcast, she said she worries “women who get caesareans get an unfair hard time.”

“I hear my girlfriends that have caesareans, they have to explain themselves. It’s like ‘I had a caesarean I took the easy way out’,” Bec said.

“Because of society’s view for ceasareans, I thought this was going to be easier then my natural delivery, and it was harder.

“I’m so happy that I could have had my emergency caesar, because it was absolutely the safest, quickest, most healthy way I was going to get those twins out.”


Listen Bec describe what being pregnant with twins was like for her below. Post continues after video.

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Bec also spoke on her 3PM Pick Up radio show in 2017 about her c-section experience.

“I was lying there, on the operating table, and I started pretty much having a panic attack. My heart was going nuts…it was jumping out of my chest,” she said.

“It’s all happening, there’s people everywhere, there’s bright lights, I’m about to meet my twins, it was kind of an emergency cesarean, I’d been stressed my whole pregnancy…it was wild.”

Two years on, the words Bec used to sum up the reality of c-section births on Hello Bump still ring true.

“After everything that happens in the birthing suite, be it in the delivery room, or on the operating table, it doesn’t matter how you have your baby, a healthy baby is a healthy baby.”

Happy birthday Tom and Darcy!

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