Rebecca Judd on giving birth via c-section: "It's the worst thing I've ever done."

It’s a known fact that childbirth isn’t always pretty. And mum-of-four Rebecca Judd isn’t the first to admit it.

Yesterday, the 34-year-old former model opened up to her 3PM Pick Up co-host Monty Dimond about her experience bringing twins Tom and Darcy into the world, one she has labelled as “horrific”.

Little monkeys. The boys are wearing @nextofficial_au rompers.

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Monty revealed her close friend welcomed a baby last week via c-section, to which Rebecca replied, “They are awful”.


“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. It’s horrific,” Rebecca said of the procedure, which she underwent in late September 2016.

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Having welcomed two of her older children with a ‘natural’ birth, Rebecca said the experience of undergoing “major abdominal surgery” while awake was “far more horrific”.

“It’s mind-boggling and freaky,” she shared.

She shared that her experience led her to have a panic attack mid-birth.

“I was lying there, on the operating table, and I started pretty much having a panic attack. My heart was going nuts…it was jumping out of my chest,” she said.

“It’s all happening, there’s people everywhere, there’s bright lights, I’m about to meet my twins, it was kind of an emergency cesarean, I’d been stressed my whole pregnancy…it was wild.”

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She described the pain after the procedure as “excruciating”.

“When all your meds wear off later on…the pain is excruciating,” she said.

“After I had my first child, Oscar, I had an epidural and as soon as it wore off, yeah, it hurt a little bit, I used a lot of ice. But by the next day or two it was fine.

“Those caesars? Woo, two weeks…”

These boys… constantly clawing at me and ripping my hair out. Lucky they’re cute ????

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There’s also the inevitable scar that comes along with welcoming a baby via c-section.

“I’ve measured my scar, it’s 12 centimetres long,” Rebecca told her co-host.

“Every time you look in the mirror, as I do every day…you’ve got this big gnarly scar across your body. I don’t want to see that!”

The former model turned TV presenter also joked about the inevitable “sausage shelf” that forms as the caesarean scar begins to heal.

“This ledge, this ‘sausage shelf’ stays with you your entire life. Compression [tights] and tight clothes make it flatter.”

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