After giving birth to her sons, Bec Judd has been left with "twin leftovers".

Bec Judd calls them “twin leftovers” – the signs of the pressure her body was under to safely carry her two little boys through to their September birth.

While the model/presenter/speech pathologist is resigned to the fact that her new “sticky-outie belly button” has become a permanent fixture, there’s another she’s managed to banish.

Spider veins.

Speaking on her KIIS FM show on Monday, the 34-year-old mother of four said the veins “weren’t that bad” during her previous pregnancies with Oscar, aged six, and Billie, three, but suddenly came to the surface with her latest.

“I think just carrying the twins around and the pressure on my legs,” she told her co-hosts. “Every day I could almost see new blood vessels just popping and little veins all over my legs.”

Yet Judd says a recent procedure has made them vanish.

“They get this little fine needle and inject this kind of glue,” Judd said. “It makes all of your broken blood vessels just disappear.”

Becc with her twin boys, Darcy and Tom. Image: Instagram.

Traditional treatment for varicose and spider veins is known as Sclerotherapy, and involves the injection of a saline solution into the vessels, which makes them collapse, stick together and forces the blood to clot.

However, a growing number of clinics are also offering a procedure that involves the use of cyanoacrylate - a type of medical 'glue' - to seal the vein and stop it from leaking.

“They are spider veins and I got them all injected and they all disappeared," she said.

"Just like magic."

As for the belly button... who doesn't love an outie?