"I look like Dolly Parton. On steroids": Bec Judd's shocking photo of her post-baby boobs.


It’s something every lactating new mum can relate to. Almost overnight, you go from being, well, average, to hello, Boobtown.

But Bec Judd took mum boobs to a whole new level after welcoming her eldest son Oscar, now six.

Speaking on KIIS FM’s The 3PM Pick Up radio show, which she also hosts, Bec, 35, talked about when her milk came in four days after giving birth, and, well, you really just have to see the photo…

Bec Judd post-baby boobs
"I look like Dolly Parton. On steroids," Bec Judd said of her post-baby boobs. Image: Facebook

"I look like Dolly Parton. On steroids," the mum-of-four told her co-host, Katie 'Monty' Dimond.

Bec said while she could "feel" something was going on with her body, she didn't expect to be left with such "big bazookas".

"I remember, as it was coming in, I could feel these boobs. They were getting so hot and tingly," she said.

It was a shock for the petite media personality, who said she previously had "just tiny little boobies".

"I was so stretched. By the time Billie and the twins came along, my boobs were just like, 'Oh, we've done this before,'" she laughed.

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Worse still was the pain, with Bec saying it hurt more "than when my epidural wore off".

"I cried all night," she said.

"My mum was there, and my mum started crying, because she said, 'You're hurting so much and I don't know what to do!'"

Bec said her mum had never experienced the same thing after her pregnancies, but she helped her daughter out with cabbage leaves and medication to ease the pain.

"I bawled for about two days," she continued.

"I've never seen another woman's boobs as bad as those. Or big!"