Barry Keoghan's long-term relationship before Sabrina Carpenter.

Before making headlines with his current romance with pop star Sabrina Carpenter, Irish actor Barry Keoghan was in a serious, long-term relationship with Alyson Sandro, a Scottish dental nurse and orthodontic therapist. 

The couple first met in February 2021 at a London pub and quickly hit it off, despite Sandro initially not believing Keoghan was an actor. 

"He was saying he plays a superhero in a film. I went, 'Who, Spider-Man?'" Sandro recalled in an interview with GQ.

Keoghan and Sandro's relationship spanned approximately three years, during which time they attended various high-profile events together, including the 2023 Oscars and the Eternals premiere in 2021.

In August 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Brando, after one of Keoghan's favourite actors, Marlon Brando. Keoghan was given just one day off from filming Saltburn to be present for Sandro's labour and delivery.

Despite the demands of his acting career, Keoghan expressed his joy at becoming a father, stating, "I can't get the little boy off my mind. Y'know, it's crazy, but when he looks at you, you feel like the most important person in the world."

Barry Keoghan and Alyson Sandro at the Eternals premiere. Image: Getty.


Throughout their time together, Keoghan shared several sweet tributes to Sandro on Instagram, which have since been deleted. 

In March 2022, the couple held a baby shower, with Keoghan posting a photo of them at the event, playfully asking, "He or she, what will the baby be?" 

Reports emerged in mid-2023 that Keoghan and Sandro had quietly parted ways. While the details of their split remain private, Keoghan acknowledged Sandro's role as a mother in an interview with GQ, saying, "She's done a great job and she's an incredible mother."

Sandro expressed her pride in co-parenting their child amid Keoghan's busy schedule, declaring, "Barry's lucky that I'm a Scottish, independent woman."

He refrained from providing further information about their separation.

Prior to his relationship with Sandro, Keoghan was in a long-term relationship with Shóna Guerin, whom he met in 2017 while she was working as a waitress in a pub.

At the time, Keoghan gushed about Guerin, stating, "She's made me a man. She's the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life." 

However, their relationship ended in 2020 when they unfollowed each other on social media.


Barry Keoghan and Shóna Guerin in 2019. Image: Getty.

Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Keoghan's career has continued to soar. He has been praised for his performances and has garnered numerous accolades, including an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA win. 

As he navigates the challenges of co-parenting with Sandro, Keoghan remains focused on his craft and his role as a father to his young son.

After his split from long-term girlfriend Alyson Sandro in 2023, Barry Keoghan has been in a highly publicised relationship with pop star Sabrina Carpenter since late 2023.

Feature image: Getty.

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