A round-up of all the Bachie goss you need/might want to know.

Don’t have time to surf the interwebs for all The Bachelor and The Bachelorette gossip?

Never fear, Mamamia is here.

Here’s what’s making headlines in Bachie world today:

1. Sam and Snez are getting married… maybe (probably not).

An Instagram post from the woman who stole the heart of Bachelor Sam Wood of a dress in a bridal store had the rather predictable result of widespread speculation about whether the duo were already planning a wedding.

Unsurprisingly, Snezana Markosk’s followers got themselves into a tizz, wishing the mother of one well and commenting on the flouncy pink and white frock.

Headlines stated that Sam and Snez were tying the knot quickly went up on news sites everywhere, followed by the when-in-doubt question mark.

But the blushing maybe-bride put quickly put an end to the speculation, saying she just posted the shot because she loved the colour and singlet/skirt combo. As a woman with the whole nation stalking her social media sites for any clues about babies and wedding bells does…

But she did promise to let her fans know when she does hit the wedding dress circuit for real.

We know who the flower girl will be. Image via Instagram.

2. Alleged soccer star isn’t trying to be famous, but if it happens “naturally”, that’s A-OK.

Michael Turnbull, former professional soccer player and hopeful lover of Sam Frost, was last week accused of going on the show to find fame, not love. Of course, if the rumours are true, he would be the first person to have an ulterior motive in signing up for a reality TV show.

The one-time Melbourne Victory player who definitely did not play in the Olympics was accused of being fame-hungry after reportedly creating a lifestyle blog before the show aired called Red Carpet with Michael.

This week he did a truly awful job at dispelling those horrible rumours about his true motivation for being on The Bachelorette, telling The Daily Telegraph: “I don’t think I’ll focus on building a public profile. If that happens it’ll be naturally, I’m not going to push it.”

You know how modelling just called David-the-International-Model? We have a feeling fame just might “happen naturally” for Michael. Image via Instagram.

So, though he doesn’t necessarily want to be famous, if some celebrity endorsements came his way he almost definitely would say maybe.

“If I get the opportunity to endorse or promote things, then I’ll always consider them,” he said.

“I’ll always ­endorse something that I’m passionate about.”


3. Something, something, Bachelor girls in bikinis…

We’re not even going to bother pretending we know what the news hook to this Daily Mail story is.

Something about two dumped contestants from The Bachelor maybe challenging each other on Instagram to see who has the hottest bikini body to make Sam Wood jealous does the best yoga poses.

Basically, here are the pictures of Emily Simms and Jasmin Brown doing yoga stuff in bikinis:

Now, you’re all caught up. Settle in for tonight’s episode and don’t forget to check out Rosie’s famous recaps.

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